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    How many of you use them? Do you prefer the STS or the ClipFix and why? Do either of those tail clips work with a splitboard?

    Many thanks.


    PS If anyone has a spare Burton plastic scraper tool I could really use one.

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    I got a pair of Ascension ClipFix on my 168 Burton. The skins are great, but the tail clips arent so great. I had the skins before the split, as i was going to put them on a pair of skis, so i’m not really using these by choice. The ClipFix would be great for a pair of skis, but they haven’t really been doing it for me on my split. It’s such a wide tail attachment that it doesnt get that good of a purchase on the back when its levered on on an angle like on the back of a split. I tied a piece of 3 mm cord to the loop of the clip fix and I just loop it around a piece of hardware on my board whenever I’ve got the skins on. I’ve been happy with the Ascension skins though, so I would recommend either STS. G3 makes a good skin as well, and their tail attachment would work great as well.

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)

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