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    I am looking to make some tailclips for my skins. I have come across a few different ideas but would like feedback from people using these to get a better idea of what works.

    These look great but I can’t find them in the U.S. the closest thing would be something BCA makes but it would need to be bent to fit over the chinese hooks

    My other thought is these G3’s but I would be worried about if these would stay centered on the board or if they would end up just pulling the skin to the side because they are hinged.

    My other thought would be to put two grommets in the skin about .5″ from the back of the skin then put a loop of shock cord through these that could loop around the ski. This method seems super easy but I am worried that 1) the shock cord won’t hold well enough around the ski that it will just slip down and 2) the shock cord will just wear out quickly on the edges.

    Does anyone have any feedback on any of these methods or what has worked for you and the longevity of it?

    Thanks a lot!!!

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    i use the g3 adjustable tailclips that come on the alpinits skins. You need to tie a small loop to the metal tail clip bracket on the skins and loop this over the splitboard tailclip and bolt. This stops it from slipping off. But using the new g3 twin tip connectors could be just as good. i try get some pictures.

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    yeah some pictures would be great. My concern with the new g3 twin tip piece is that it would pull the skin to the side instead of keeping it in the middle

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    I have added the G3 Twin Tip Connector to my Voile Tracker Skins as a tail clip. Works great on a short skin up Snowmass. No side-pulling, as I mounted the G3 tail-kit straight (in line with the skin/ski) 1/3 off from center.

    I will follow-up with pics after more testing (skinning up Snowmass). :clap: 😀

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    Southparksplitnek found a G3 tail clip kit that actually works quite well for splitboard skins. It allows you to oppose the two clips for a very solid looking connection.

    It is the kit linked to above.

    That is what I would roll with. I am getting a set for sure.

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    I bought BD’s tail clips and have used them succesfully for a while now. It’s simple and easy to do… the notch on the board took only a second and it’s purely cosmetic… the metal edge is still there… it’s only thinner… just enough to hold tension from the clip


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    Does anyone know if the G3s work with the BD tail kit. I’ve been told that it should work, but was wondering if anyone has tried it?

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    @shoestring wrote:

    Does anyone know if the G3s work with the BD tail kit. I’ve been told that it should work, but was wondering if anyone has tried it?

    Why would it need to work with a BD tail kit when it’s a G3 tail kit? You got everything you need to attach it to your skins with what G3 provides. It will also work with Black Diamond skins if that was what you were getting at.

    All I can say about the G3 kit is that it looks pretty professional. No stupid strings or some other kind of after market jury rig innovation. The two clips oppose against each other and are very secure. By far the best diy kit I’ve seen for this.

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    The clips are sold on their own (i.e., without the tail strap attachment) just as they are shown on the G3 link above. G3 makes a tail kit, but I already bought the BD tail kit before deciding to try to use the G3 clips. I have been told be a shop in Tahoe that they will work with the BD tail kit but just haven’t had a chance to check it out yet.


    The G3 attachments do work with the BD STS Tailclip kit. I have the setup rockin now and i must say it works great! No problems with peeling skins even on a rockered board! :guinness:

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    Thanks – I am definitely going to give them a try…

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    I swore when I read G3’s site it said it came with the kit. Sounds like Southpark answered your question anyway. Glad I could contribute nothing… 😆

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    @SouthParkSplitNek wrote:

    The G3 attachments do work with the BD STS Tailclip kit. I have the setup rockin now and i must say it works great! No problems with peeling skins even on a rockered board! :guinness:

    I installed the same G3 twin tip /BD tail sit system on my new tractor skins (for the Jones Solution) on Saturday. At least in my garage, it looks to be a sweet system. I have used a rubber G3 tip loop system as a tail clip on 2 previous splitboards. That rubber G3 tip loop system has been super reliable on my previous splitboards but I wanted to give the new G3 twin attachment a whirl because it looked to be much easier to install/remove from the board. The rubber in the rubber G3 tip system could be a bit difficult to stretch over the back of the splitboard tail. At least in my garage, the twin tip system appears to be much easier to install/remove. I also set up my new Karakoram bindings—change over time on that system also seems to be very quick and easy! Now I just need my project in Vegas to wrap up so I can get back up to Tahoe to give this new setup a whirl.

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    Anyone using these G3 clips care to actually post a picture? 😕

    Shark Snowsurf Chuna
    Voile V-Tail 170 BC
    Voile One Ninety Five
    Spark R&D Arc

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    Yeah, picutres would be great.

    I’m thinking that I will install the tail slightly off center…is that how others have done it? Hoping to have mine installed by the weekend and will post pictures once they are done.

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    I won’t be home for a few weeks so I can’t post pictures for a while. Sorry about that. Here is a quick fyi.

    I didn’t offset my BD tail kit. I actually worked out reasonably well. No problems with the actual connection. It does tweak the skin slightly right at the BD kit connection—probably a 1/8 to 1/4″ high x 1/2″ long wrinklle. If I had to do it over, again I would install the BD tail kit after I cut the tail of my skins perpendicular to the tail kit/spiltboard tail connection (i.e. the strap direction). That would have prevented of the small tweak in the skin at the BD tail kit connection.

    There is a picture of this setup in Backcountry Magazine–maybe the September issue?

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    this should help you guys picture it better…this from a quick google image search….from Teton AT..

    as some have said, you may need to offset the tail a little. to line up where the G3 connector will be..

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    I’ve been using the wide tip stretchers from climbing skins direct as tail clips for the past year with no problems.

    I did start with brand new skins and a 156 khyber, so I had plenty of skin to loop through and stick to itself. Wouldn’t work if your skins are too short. Drilled 3 holes and used hammer rivets to secure them. Hardest part was probably getting them the right length to have a tiny bit of tension in the skin.

    photo (2) by Zak Brown

    photo (1) by Zak Brown, on Flickr

    I’ve also got some of the G3 twins to go with the new BD split sts skins on a different board – just haven’t set them up yet.

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