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    What’s everybody doing in the Sierra this weekend?

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    I can leave home late one evening and be out for the next full day. I’m game anywhere between Sonora and Tioga.

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    I’d vote for a repeat of last year’s Saddlebag splitfest!

    Not that I could make it though… have fun. 😥

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    Conness keeps getting bigger in my mind everyday. I’m thinking of a long day trip maybe Sat. Not sure of my schedule yet. I wanna do the Y and the S chutes. The weather looks stable and cooler Friday and Saturday. I was on Dana last Saturday morning and the road to Saddlebag looks completely covered. The good part of this being you can ride all the way back on it :). Is anyone else thinking Saddlebag this weekend? Let me know. I could use a coulior climbing buddy or two. However, solo is the sweetest 8)

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    I don’t know??? Do you think it will be any good?

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    I don’t have a car this weekend 😥 , anyone have room in theirs from the bay area?

    North Peak and Y couloirs = highways 8)

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    back from vacation at the coast…in for a full day Sunday.

    talk to me homies. 8)

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    I’ll be down Tioga way both days this weekend. Not sure I want to do a 1-day slog back to Conness. I would be interested in overnighting back there maybe. Anybody got a plan yet?

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    @knucklesplitter wrote:

    Not sure I want to do a 1-day slog back to Conness.

    nnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnext! 😉

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    White Mtn (non-False)?

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