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    How’s it going everyone. Yeah it was a sub par year in Tahoe as far as winter was concerned, (I think a portion of that depression comes from how spoiled we have been for the last few years) but the California spring corn harvest has been off the hook :disco:.

    Sure I was a bit bummed, but there was a little voice in my mind, (perhaps a mind controlling, superhuman, lumarian) letting me know that Shasta was going to make everything okay.

    I rolled up to Bunny flat from the Bay around 8pm on Friday, hitched my steed, ate some dinner and crashed, stoked, dreaming about what the following morning and what energy and corn I could harvest. My alpine start didn’t disappoint.

    Within a couple of hours skin I was at Helen lake and transitioning to crampons, A-frame mode and multiplication tables. “How many steps will it take to get through the Red Banks?” I asked myself. It was at this moment that the lumarian in me took over and reminded me that up and to my left was my destination…..

    So I started heaving my carcass, and answered my previous question.

    Quite a few.

    But the Trinities were growing closer….

    Eventually I came to the chimney’s and from there it was pretty smooth sailing, as I quadrupedaly did my best impersonation of my dog Gnarly.

    A few steps later and I was there, standing with Ranger Jon, whom I climbed the Hotlum ridge with last season, and Paul aka fustercluck. We were stoked. Other than the fact that a cloud was threatening our visibility.

    So it was time to drop on in….

    and out…

    7.5 hours up and 15 or 20 minutes down our 7000+’ run, straight back to the ponies at Bunny Flat. Such good porn (pow/corn) snow all the way down past the Lake near 8500′. From there it was a bit punchy, but epically gnarly anyhow. The cold Sierra Torpedo was the icing on the cake for a glorious day on the mountain. :drool:

    Then came memorial day and more snow, the same snow I prayed for with the Shaman at Bunny Flat during the eclipse.
    The Lumarian’s didn’t disappoint. No sir.

    On Saturday May 26th my dog Gnarly and I headed up to Carson Pass for some freshies and camping.


    We started off on the PCT which was pretty much dirt all the way to a small snow melt lake where we decided to make camp.

    We chilled there for a bit until the white out conditions seemed to pass.

    Then it was on to Elephants Back for some lines.

    Gnarly was stoked.

    And so was I…

    So we did it again. Gnarly showing me how it’s done. This Guy loves a good boot pack.

    On top, the clouds seemed to drop again, limiting visibility. Time to drop down to Red Lake and take a look at some pillows.

    From the Lake, it felt like we entered a completely different world. For a moment the clouds opened and some blue sky winked at us.

    On our skin back out unfortunately it sealed back up.

    So it was time to head back to camp and wait for the next morning.

    The snow didn’t stop, and Gnarly never warmed up even with my jacket on him. I made the decision to pack up camp and bail. I was a bit bummed, but we had a good day anyway.

    On the way home I thought,” huh, What’s Fustercluck doing tomorrow? Hopefully riding.” When I got home he had already done some mountain bike recon in Blackwood Canyon. The 4th of July chutes were looking good, and it was time to celebrate America. Thanks again Lumarians.

    And we did. Rebel style.

    With boards, and gear on we rode his Yamaha 850 up the gated road to snowline.

    From there it was a short hike up the road to the trail head, and another short boot pack up to the summit ridge.

    What a view. The Crystals were shinning as was the sun on the magic carpet we prepared to slide on. We ogled the surrounding views, joked about the killer weather, and about the fact that we were dropping into the 4th of July Chutes on Memorial day. We were riding in the future man.

    Fustercluck dropping.

    Then it was my turn.

    It was such a sweet harvest. Here’s a look at the cobbs.

    note the sticker promo

    So sweet it was time for seconds. We scoped the area, transitioned, and opted to boot up a mellow chute lookers right of our line.

    After a few hundred feet, the snow turned to a class 3ish scramble. Fustercluck and I were firing on all cylinders.

    Then it was time for round 2. Me again dropping.

    Fustercluck dropping in and out.

    Lumarian Brother Power. Heavy casualties.

    After a great morning of being MERICAN, it was time to bail. The chute had been slayed and it was time for Fuster to get ready for work. Off to the bike. On the way, we got another killer tree run all the way down the road to within minutes of the Yama.

    Within minutes we were back at the cabin, and giving props.
    It was time to split, but not without a lap around the lake.

    Beautiful. Memorial Day weekend was over and it was time for a :guinness:
    MMMMMmmmmm, Beer and corn.

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    Funny how things work out. Went up to Shasta solo for the first time, randomly bumped into Hoglord at the top of Trinity chutes, and enjoyed a killer run together. Then after the snow this weekend, went for a bike ride on some sweet dirt (not our usual moondust), then on a whim decided to check out Blackwood Canyon. Gate was closed and I couldn’t really see the chutes, but was able to get pretty close to the top, so figured it would be good to go. It was, but 4th of July chutes probably won’t make it to 4th of June this year. Glad we scored when we did. Pretty sure that wraps up riding in tahoe for me for a few months. If I’m lucky I’ll make it back to Shasta in a few weeks. In any case, 2011/12 might not have been as big as most years (really, about as weak as it gets here), but it still deserves a toast :guinness:

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    I’ll drink to that!

    Way to get after it. That face shot of your dawg is hilarious.

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    Way to get after it! Sick TR.

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    Thanks Guys. Who says the winter has to end in the spring right?
    If there’s snow why not ride it, instead of dream about it? We saw these two dudes on road bikes on the way out of Blackwood, and they were like, “You guys must think it’s winter or something?” We promptly replied, “Yeah! It was KILLER up there!”

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