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    So this is somewhats of a 2 part question. First off I’m looking for my first splitboard, and initially stared looking at the jones hovercraft. The only issue is I continue to see multiple complaints about core shots on their boards… This is really turning me away from their boards. Does anyone want to go completely against that and say that is not an issue? And second I saw the article on tahoe labs so checked them and they seems pretty legit. Has anyone ridden the directional from them? I can’t find any reviews on it.

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    Hey Ryan, I think you’ll be fine if you are worried about core shots. Depending on what you hit It can happen on any board out there. If you are going to be riding a lot of low tide conditions then maybe build or buy a cheap DIY split as a second board. You won’t worry much about damaging it.

    Maybe @dishwasher-dave could chime in about TahoeLab. I know he has been riding them for the last couple of seasons.

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    I generally agree with @cbalke that core shots are probably not a reason to choose one board over another. If you hit a rock perfectly wrong, any board is gonna be damaged.

    I’ve ridden a TahoeLab Powfish and a Directional. My Directional is a newer build that is significantly lighter. I rode the Powfish all through the horrific drought season a couple years back. Plenty of sharks out there and the board never took serious damage, although I certainly scraped plenty of rocks. I’ve been happy with the boards and feel good supporting a small company.

    I’ve almost toured more miles on the Directional than I have descended vertical feet since I got it last Spring for a 40 some mile Sierra tour and we are still sorta waiting for Winter to hit here in Tahoe. That said, it’s been super fun in the limited soft snow I’ve found this season. I’m leaving for a month guiding in Japan shortly, so it should get plenty more soft snow practice soon.

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    Thanks for the feed back guys! much appreciated. This sounds like my decision for a first split is going to be even harder now, which I guess isn’t a bad thing.

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    I have for sure seen more core shots on Jones boards than other brands. Especially the Ultracraft seems very fragile, but also their other boards seem to have a thinner and softer base than many other skis and boards. I used to work as a ski tuner so I saw a fair few boards and skis come through.

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    My two cents is that core shots are more a function of the density of a wood core. Rocks will push through the base composite a lot easier if the core is softer. You can layer in Kevlar or other aramid type fibers in the board base, but rocks will still smash the core material in even if they are prevented from tearing into wood. So it’s just a weight choice really. To me both core shots and base tears are similar repairs unless the core shot is across the boards width from going sideways.

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