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    Here in Tahoe we have received lots of new snow in March (12 out of 13 days so far). The big burly steep lines are only being done at the resorts due to the “High” avy warnings. So we’ve been settling for lots of sweet pow runs:

    The early morning shuffle:

    BCR tailgating:

    And BCR broke some trail, followed by a big posse:

    Baby, Now we’re going down.
    Brandon and BCR were the splitters:

    Chuck from the City:

    I was hoping to make a few turns with AT Anonymous, but a S-tele-man showed up instead (I wasn’t disapointed):

    BCR charges:

    And proceeds to get white washed:


    Another great pow day with the crew.

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    Had a great day out there guys! Steeleman sure picked a sweet weekend to randomly put on the family calendar. 🙂

    Here are my pics.

    chuck, gimpy, buddy, brandon, joesnow

    Brandon…homeboy carried that tree up the whole way as part of a special restoration project.

    joesnow samples the pow





    back for more.





    With all the recent low snow we’ve received the lover’s leap area is finally game on. 🙂 The LL trifecta starts with a run off the top near the edge of the world. (pic by steeleman circa 2002)

    Then to east wall, then to hog’s back. Short runs and low elevation but pretty aesthetic and can have great snow if you time it right.

    It was early so I stopped at strawberry lodge for a quick snack and to take a closer look.

    I checked out Snowshoe Thompson’s vintage splitboard too while at the lodge. Legend has it that he tele’d but we all know the truth. 😉

    I got a second wind and the clouds started lifting so I called the mrs and got clearance to hit the hog’s back before continuing home. This is an area that I have been hitting for years and it looked to be in great condition. I was pumped.

    The crux of this tour (when coming from hwy50, not the campground) is crossing the creek. Usually there is a great log to cross but the homeowners or high water levels seemed to have taken it out. I hunted up the creek for a mile or so before finally giving up. What a bummer. It starting to really dump again so maybe it was for the better.

    Lots of this type of stuff along the creek looking for a crossing.

    Here is the old log. (pic by steeleman circa 2002)

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    F-in’ great pics, guys! Snow looks okay too. 😀

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    Damn, your camera is way better than mine. 2nd lap looked deep. Nice segment on the Hogsback effort too. Can you believe it’s a helluva a lot deeper now than Saturday!?! It’s official, Miracle March is back after 15 years in hiding.

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    Damn, that’s freakin deeep. Looks like a killer day.

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    You Ta-Hoes are really starting to piss me off! Send some freakin’ snow to the EU, would ya?

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    Nice pics guys. I’ll see what I can pull off my camera too. I’ve been on the road for a few days.

    @Ecobrad wrote:

    Damn, that’s freakin deeep. Looks like a killer day.

    Yeah dude, and I’m 6’3″. That shit is deeeeep.

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    I was out yesterday, I don’t know if I’ve ever seen more lighter snow in the Sierra. We started at 6500 feet and there was over 5 feet of fresh in places. More higher. My camera broke so no pictures 😥 😥

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    Saw 2-3 tracks off of hogs back on my drive backdown to sac yesterday. BCR? 8)

    Love the “vintage” photos of your adventures on the leap too. Great shots steelman!


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