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    Woke up at o’ dark thirty and hit the road. Didn’t see much snow on the eastern Sierra until about the Whitney area. I’m pretty sure this isn’t Whitney, but it was the first substantial peak with snow.

    Friday was a warm up day at Alpine Meadows. Not too eventful, except run down a chute called the Keyhole, which was alot worse than it looked.

    The Keyhole is skier’s left of the top peak…

    2nd day out is our first real day on the splitboards. I’m staying and riding with an old friend Mike. Mike is brand new to the split thing, as I surprised him with a used Burton split. We head out to the local stash, Donner Ridge, which is mostly mellow tree runs and a small cornice. After lunch we head out to next ridge north, which we’re hoping is hiding some true north facing bowls and some pow. We were right.

    In the foreground is the bowl we hit, behind is Frog Lake Cliffs, and even further out is Castle Peak.

    Mike, in some nice pow…

    The slog out was a steep, 1000′ vert…

    Our third day out we session a small cornice and find a small cheese wedge kicker, and run some laps in the trees…

    Your author…

    Tuesday the storm finally turns to snow, absolutley puking snow and winds ripping over the ridge 40+ mph. Not much time to shoot photos, just ride freshies.

    Your author enjoying the goods…

    A great trip, and definitely next time gotta get out to some serious terrain.

    (Thanks to Ecobrad for posting the topic on how to post photos a few weeks ago!)

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    don’t thank Eco quite yet. I can’t see the photos.

    Glad you got some pow ricorides.

    124 Posts makes money by selling ads that you will supposedly look at while browsing photos there. For this reason, they block hotlinking of images on any other site.

    We actually can still right-click and “view image” to see them, though.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)

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