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    Whitehorse, Yukon territory

    Snowboarding the US, Canadian border

    Skagway is pretty rad, super fun hiking trails

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    Loving the evolving-TR!

    Folks at Yukon need to hook you up with a better growler fill/headspace management than that (hope the brew was tasty nonetheless).

    165 Venture Divide/Spark Frankenburners/La Sportiva Spantiks
    163W Jones Solution/Phantom Alphas/Dynafit TLT5s
    162 Furberg


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    Lol, Yea the brewmaster filled it then poured a little out.. weird, ha ha, but the ale is tasty…

    Alaskan Glacier

    If you go to Haines, dont blow all your cash on the bird… The road access is easy

    and endless

    The boot up

    Alaska… Big mountains and mini ramps

    BBQ Natchos

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    this is awesome!!! keep the updates coming. I like your rig, I need me a split mobile for next year so i don’t have to tent it.

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    Woot woot, how goes it Aaron!?

    I cant be the only one ready for the next installment…

    Safe travels amigo!

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    SDMarkus! Yea man, Ive spent my first summer in AK. Its been super fun, but it aint Tahoe lol. My rig is a BEAST, and its hard to believe that I have lived in a truck since April 1st. River crossings can be tough, but when in doubt? gas it out

    I ended up drinking, partying, and making friends in Skagway Alaska. So what the hell, I found a job. Cooking at a Thai restaurant called Starfire. The pay is good, but Im ready to drive back. I have had some fun adventures. Easy BC access inbetween the us and canadian border
    This line is 10 minutes from town, Peppers and I dropped off the top (possible 1st doggie decent)

    Eagles everywhere

    Caribou, following my skintrack

    I live in Dyea, Its a goldrush ghost town 8 miles from skagway. the camping is free. This is my “go to” spot

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    I met others who enjoy ski touring, One of my favorite Zones is called “the notch”
    The boot up

    View from the top

    Token Skier pic

    The snow was rotten by June, The one thing that keeps me sane? Tranny

    Fun Hiking, funny bridge crossings

    This is the boiler for a steam powered tram built over a hundred years ago.

    More Eagles

    More Tranny

    Alaska is rad, but I miss Tahoe. I will be driving back in 1 week from today. Probably not much snowboarding will go down on the way back, but I am looking forward to some concrete bowls. And SDmarkus??? If your around? We should kick it

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