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    Hello! Im going on an Epic journey. Leaving April 1st For ski touring shredding and sk8boarding. planning on hitting the sierra buttes, Lassen, Shasta, Kalamath sk8 park Early April. Then onto Crater lake,Mt theilson, Lincoln city sk8park, and Hood mid April. seattle, and onto canada Cassiar highway? or wherever snow is good. Looking for exploration, touring partners and good times Anyone want to tour? Ill be updating this throughout
    My ride F250+ skamper pop up

    Shred sticks Left to right Neversummer factory split 161 Rocker camber for deep pow Never summer 158 cambered diy splitty variable conditions Rome agent solid 157 for ? Welcome 8.5 sk8 Bowl basher And Xcountry for the free heel fruit boot style

    Im down for all kinds of touring from easy skinning to full on climbing with ice axes and crampons. Wanna show me your secret stash? Ill bring the beers

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    This is going to be a sick trip Aaron!!

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    This is going to be a sick trip Aaron!!

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    One last sesh at the sk8house with the boys and Im out!

    Red bull? Yuck.. that stuff taste like crap. Modelo gives you pop

    Tahoe sunsets.. Never get old

    Up the west shore from south lake. Yea Im that guy! pulling to the side to take pics

    This weekend! Sierra buttes

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    Sweet rig Aaron, for some reason I thought you were getting a true cabover…stoked on the pop-up!

    I’ll be back in town on the 6th if you still have plans on passing through, be great to see and tour with you. Enjoy the journey my friend!

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    Got the Buttes Couliar! Met with a good friend in sierra city. He is a mechanic at the snomo shop there. Original plan was to get a sled bump… Plans changed.
    Classic Toyota rally

    Up the jeep road from west side of “The Buttes” We hit the snow and skinned to the lookout. This would be a bad ass hut. To bad its locked? It needed a hot box

    Nice views

    From here traverse the south side and boot up and over

    We rode down till the snow ended, picked up a trail down to the road

    From the bottom

    The one in the middle “notch off the top”

    Off to Lassen

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    Snobro met up with me at Lassen. And onto the Cascades

    Lassen summit lookin at shasta

    Sno bro. Klamath sk8 park

    Mt Theilson

    Snobro on the boot

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    After Theilson We went to Crater lake, and were blown away! The snow banks were 10 feet high! Time for a x-country beer tour

    We ended up in end Bend and were able to kick it with sdmarkus. Thanks for your hospitality man! From your Beta we were able to get Broken top and prepared for a long hot slog.Thanks man! You got a cool pad and fun friends to drink with!
    On the way to broken top

    Sno bro dropping

    Off to Hood to party at the Tilly Jane hut!

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    Super fun hanging with you guys, glad that worked out.

    You guys seriously crushed that Broken Top tour, cant believe how quickly you got in and out of there…Tahoe Boyz puttin’ in work!

    Looking forward to watching the rest of your epic adventure unfold, enjoy dudeski’s!

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    Parting shot of Batchelor

    Smith rock, outside of Bend,was a cool area to check out The place reminds me of red rocks outside of Vegas

    Gettin the dogs out

    And onto that sweet sweet Oregon Crete
    Snobro gots some pop for an old man

    River gap ollie at the Hood river park

    Me, rock and roll through the corner. sisters park

    It may be a mobile home, But its 4×4

    Surf is up at hood and its DUMPING! right now.. Tilly Jane hut party is gonna be fun!

    Rico in AZ
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    Such a rad thing you’re doing man. Keeping the snowboard bum thing alive.
    Looking forward to the next installments!

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    This is so rad @aksltxlt. Thanks for sharing the stoke!

    Be sure to bookmark's Recent Activity page...

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    Hood is a special place. Ive been there a few times (mostly in my early 20’s) and have always enjoyed myself there. Good people and fun snowboarding. I never rode off the top, that is until April 14th

    We got it in powder conditions!

    Unreal, No wind, around 12-14 of B- pow on the headwall. Sno bro rides off the summit ridge

    Throughout the trip Dr Peppers has had to chill in the truck while I have hiked for the goods. Back in her day, she got after it regularly. I felt bad, and you know sometimes ya gotta throw a dog a bone. Peppers bags her first Volcano

    Mt Helens is fun, not very steep, but the gullys are shredable with fun features everywhere.

    Yea dog!

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    Good on ya for getting Dr. Peppers out! I have a 16 year old Siberian (Scooby) who has a 3 mile round trip limit now. I have to sneak my gear and shell pants out of the house but she knows where I’ve been when I get back.

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    Big props to jefe009 for throwing the Oregon splitfest. Its a fun event with swag to give away snowboarding and of course hut trippin lol. And Dude! Thank you so much for letting me store the truck at your place. After 3 weeks I’m kinda sick of driving right now. I’m staying in downtown seattle this week. Stoked to hang with an old friend see some live music and eat exotic city food. I’m not a big city fan. But Seattle! God Damn! Hot women everywhere! And all dolled up! Tonight booze, live music, and shitty pick up lines are going down

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    Cool Venue,

    What the showbox looks like inside after too many drinks

    My Buddy lives in Downtown Seattle, super fun area, good people watching, the urban cyclist all have a death wish… so many close calls. But the sk8park is fun
    Me, feeble on “the wave”

    The Seattle sk8ters were super cool, mellow attitudes, Local ripper f/s rock

    Im off to Port Angeles, gonna try and split hurricane ridge… Then ferry to Vancouver Island

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    diggin’ it, esp. all the skate park pics.

    dude, if you thought the ladies were hot in Seattle, just wait until Vancouver Island.

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    Hurricane ridge! The road was closed, lol but this is washington! There is a bad ass sk8park on the way up the pass. Port Angeles.
    My b/s air

    One of the best parks I have ever been to. Too bad the locals were a strange group. Scooter kid gangs lol. And every kid of age appeared to be on meth or some hard drug. Oh well. Time to get on the boat and sail off to the land of milk and hot hunny’s

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    Beach time with the dog, before the boat ride

    So I took the ferry from port Angeles to Vancouver island, then I got to customs!! They totally searched my shit. Had me pop up the camper, and stand aside. I stood by as they ransacked my vehicle. The questions, do you smoke weed? Do you have any guns? Concealed carry? They asked me over and over about guns lol. I denied everything! Funny thing is, I have an ammo box in my truck that I store tire chains in. Silly Canuks, they never even opened the box? Now I’v dealt with cops in the states, but never have I encountered law enforcement as polite and nice as the BC customs officers. Once they were finished, they thanked me, and away I went
    Now, being so far North, the access has been difficult for me in BC. The forests are so thick! And Im clueless on where to go? But, I like that.. Its totally unknown to me, new,. I like trying to troubleshoot the up.

    Mt Washington

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    I drove the length of Vancouver island and hopped on the ferry to prince rupert. The ferry ride was awesome! Beautiful, and on the smoking deck? people were burning like it was going out of style. It was a fun boat ride.

    Went to Terrace BC, checked out Shames resort, not much snow lol, I ran into some local hikers, they asked me “where are you going” I replied “to the snow line” we hiked and shot the shit, they were cool. When we reached the snow they asked me “do you drink”? Fuck yea, They were prepared… my kind of people

    I drove the cassiar highway. It is a bad ass drive. Slow going, big mountains and huge potholes


    Your in the jungle now

    Easy free camping

    Some poor soul, middle of the cassiar highway

    I have had some hiccups along the way, Turning around on a 4×4 road I bent my anchor point for my tiedown, Truck and camper were fine, Im just gonna roll with it

    Latch failure, Good thing I had the Spark r@d BC kit!

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