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    and with one 6-12″ storm… it’s on!…Tahoe 08/09.

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    Hell yeah!!!!

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    About a foot of snow in the trees, but there were some deeper areas of accumulation. Visibility wasn’t always great, but no naturals were observed.

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    Looks like a good plastering on eback.

    I guess I need to pull my boards out and look at the calendar. :bananas:

    What area where you around bigfoot – N. shore?

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    We ripped inbounds at Rose Sun-Tues. On the runs it was full speed no worries. Off-piste coverage was ok but it was sketchy to open it up in all but a few blown in areas.
    It snowed at least another foot Monday night making Nov 4th feel like a gift from god – new pow, new prez!

    It was sunny but cold today so I bet it’s still pretty good up at Rose. Boreal starts spinning tomorrow too.
    And for the shoulder season shreds…it snowed 2-4″ at lake level so all the trails are caked. Sun should make a few things epic by the weekend.

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    Looks fun bigfoot and thanks for the beta DD!

    Some pics from Thursday/Friday.

    SNOW! (almost forgot what it looks and feels like)

    Echo Lake area is still a storm or two from being ridable.

    At least the boats are put up.

    Thursday night, My Own Two Feet (human powered snowboard film at The Divided Sky.

    Hope Valley this morning.

    Round Top


    Looking down the first run of the season!

    Someone else with the same idea.


    Met powdork from TGR too.

    Back for another.

    Last look at RT on the ski out.

    Good times and great to be back on the snow!!!

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    not too shabby for a season start!

    Rico in AZ
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    Nice! I could go for some of that right now. Powdork got some nice pics of you on TGR.

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    Right on BCR…how’s da coverage (a.k.a. did you bottom out)?

    165 Venture Divide/Spark Frankenburners/La Sportiva Spantiks
    163W Jones Solution/Phantom Alphas/Dynafit TLT5s
    162 Furberg


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    Damn that looks fun.

    one more storm, one more storm…

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    late december never seems to disappoint – forecast looks good (antijinx)

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    How does this go again?

    [antijinx] Looks like December is a wash.. Maybe get some real snow for Christmas, as I’m sure next week’s forecast will disintegrate like everything else has so far this year… [/antijinx]

    Honestly though, looks like things are changing this weekend. Let’s just hope the low stays centered a little off shore, keep temps a hair warmer with more moisture for the hills… Kinda need to make sure the old crust and new snow place nice together.. Don’t want a crappy, dry, cold interface between old and new…

    Hoping for the best…

    – G

    Greg - NoKnees

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    Spent some time today poking around Carson Pass (left the camera on the kitchen counter though). Observations totally inline with what SAC described. By 2pm, around 6 inches on blower new snow. In many areas that 6 inches was sitting on dirt, but where it was over snow we observed some small slabs sliding on the old/new interface. In more wind affected areas those slabs could be bigger. It had been snowing lightly all day, but the expected big storm had yet to hit.

    Under the old crust there are some impressive (for Tahoe) facets. Some striations are visible with the naked eye. If you are any sort of avi geek, take the time to dig to the ground, there’s a lot of sugar down there.

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    It’s goooood!! Did a few laps on the west shore today. Snow depths ranged from maybe a foot an a half to three or feet. A few spots were setting up just a little, but mostly blower. Did hit a couple rocks pretty good, but the Venture is holding strong. No pit digging today, but didn’t see any signs of movement anywhere. Left when it started snowing again, and it’s coming down pretty good right now. :doobie:

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    12/16 Carson Pass

    Super nice pow over rocks, logs, and some old snow. Very small wind slabs observed. Hopefully more snow will be here very soon.

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    Carson Pass is getting it while no where else in Tahoe really is! It was light rain at the lake on Sunday while it was all out pukage at Kirkwood and CP.

    This last storm dropped 3 feet at Kirkwood, with more coming … it was DEEEEEEEP face shots on every run on Saturday and Sunday.

    As far as BC beta, some friends went snowshoeing around Red Lake Peak on Monday and heard some pretty serious whoomphing. Also some friends of mine triggered some D1/D2 fractures inbounds at Kirkwood on Sunday in windloaded areas – lower cirque and palisades.

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    Anyone been in the Red Lake Peak/Crater Bowl area? Hoping that there was an OK base and this whopper will make it good to go.

    I’d give a conditions report but I haven’t been in Tahoe yet. 😉

    I’m also assumming that lake level starts are still bony and will be marginal by the weekend.

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    @powderjunkie wrote:

    Anyone been in the Red Lake Peak/Crater Bowl area? Hoping that there was an OK base and this whopper will make it good to go.

    I’d give a conditions report but I haven’t been in Tahoe yet. 😉

    I’m also assumming that lake level starts are still bony and will be marginal by the weekend.

    I personally haven’t been in Crater Bowl area, but just driving by it looked possible but also possibly bony.

    Lake level is also pretty bony, even this Xmas storm probably isn’t gonna do it.

    By all accounts I’ve seen, Waterhouse is ready to go though.

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    I havent been out yet but from the driveway conditions I’d bet it is on like donkey kong :rock:
    lake level deep on the west shore
    8pm to 8am driveway totals-deep
    resort rode yesterday-stellar
    i must have been a good boy this year
    merry xmas

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    Rode Hidden Peak on west shore the 27th. Great snow, but the west shore still needs one more storm to cover the last bit of rocks, bushes, and logs for it to be 100%.

    It’s still very fun riding and well worth it.

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