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    When and where can I buy my SPLITBOARD.COM swag? Im too old for decals on my car, but a shirt would be cool. What do you say BCR? Anyone know a silkscreen shop?

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    I am soooo down for a hoody.

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    It’s been discussed:

    Hey 420, I bet if you took the initiative and got some t-shirts and stickers made that Chris would sell them from his site.

    I know I’d buy a little swag.

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    Sorry for not following through on the stickers or shirts…

    I’ll try to get to it soon.

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    FYI, there is a company called Cafe Press that could work nicely for this type of thing:

    You just upload artwork to their site. You can setup a little online store with them where people can individually order stuff. They have a whole inventory of things that you can put logos on. They do the prints to order from their inventory, and they do the shipping, billing, etc. I’m sure you wouldn’t get rich off of it, but its an easy way to get some schwag out there…

    I’m in for a hoody!

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