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    😮 Anyone see them on Saturday night? 😮

    That new song is pretty cool!

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    la la la la la la la la la laaaaaaaaa!!!!

    those guys rock…..really hard….gotta get yourself their version of “Shame on a n#$@a” done w/ Wu Tang….remake of the old 36 chambers classic

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    Epic Show! They FFFin’ Rock! I hope they come to my town this year.

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    hmm…didn’t catch them on SNL.

    I can say from experience that I think their live show seriously dropped in the coolness factor after finally getting a record deal. I’ve seen them play at least 5-6 times at the Whiskey, Roxy and some other venue on Sunset. The first time was with Napalm Death…SOAD opend. they tore up the place.
    Roxy show was worth a couple stage dives…then they just started sucking and every lame preppy jerk driving a BMW started showing up at the shows.

    I’ll take your word for it they sounded good.

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    Roxy show was worth a couple stage dives

    LOL..Hell yeah.

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    I didn’t want to brag but one was w/ a flip. 😈

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    Niice. My last flip/stage dive was several years ago. The crowd wasn’t as packed as I thought and parted ways when they saw this flying drunk guy coming at em. Concrete. Ouuch. I’ll still mix it up from time to time though. 😈 .

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