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    Last season I used my coronavirus stimulus check to buy a Weston 164cm Japow swallowtail, but it didn’t come with skins. I demoed the 159cm in March and used spark skins with the tail hooks swapped to grab onto the swallowtail but it didn’t work too great. Does anyone have any advice for what skins to buy for a swallowtail split?

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    What tail clips did you switch with to get working? My recommendation would have been to try the G3 twin tip tail clips on your current skins. If there is too extreme of an angle of the tip connector, my next recommendation is to remount the tail clips. You will need to rivot those or buy something like a G3 or black diamond kit to mount tail clips.

    If your skin hairs are still good I would probably not replace them unless you really have a hankering for trying something new.

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    Hi, thanks for the response. When I demoed the 159 in March, I honestly forget what the skins were that Weston provided me but I remember we swapped the left and right tail clips to get a fit. Maybe they were the spark/G3 skins. Anyway, I have to buy new skins for the Japow because my current skins are the Jones/Pomoca nomad Skins with quick tension tail clip for a 167 Rossi Magtek. That’s simply not going to work with this ride. Thanks for the help!

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    I have the Voile 195, the Prior 172 and the Rossi Sushi 145, and don’t use tail clips on any of them. For the 172 and the 195 I merely use the skins (without clips) that came with a Burton 168 Split. The Rossi being quite wide, I bought the matching Rossi skins. Don’t have issues with the lack of coverage on the two larger swallows, nor of losing the skins due to snow contamination.

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