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    I just picked up a swallowtail splitboard and am looking to get some input on a swallowtail’s ride characteristics. I currently ride a 153cm freeride and the swallowtail is 172cm. I’m looking forward to the float it provides in the powder, but what about its turning characteristics. I like tree boarding and am afraid that the extra length combined with the outside square edge of the swallowtails will hinder the quick turns needed for dense tree boarding. Any thoughts?

    Man am I itching for some powder!

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    When the snow is soft and deep, you shouldn’t have too many issues with the ST in the trees. However, 19cm will be a big jump to get used to at first.

    I have a 172st split from Prior, and a 178 OSIN and can move them both easily in the trees, chutes, etc, when the snow is soft. Other conditions are less desireable for an ST in general, so loss in performance is to be expected.

    The first truly deep powder day though, you’ll be in love for ever….

    Greg - NoKnees

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)

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