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    Hey all i’m setting the BBQ for this year on Nov. 17th. Let me know if you can all make this, if we have huge conflicts with people we can replan the date. Also i would like to try and get everyone out for a day with all this new snow. Any ideas on where people would like to go and when would be great. More will be posted with location and time sooner to the date.

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    I will be in Canada on th 17th.

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    i’ll be in VT on the 17th. 😉

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    I will be in Canada on th 17th

    YEAH!! So I have to go to the bar to hear you’re gonna hit Roger’s? 👿 I see how it is.(going with mike or what?)

    Anyways I’ll probably be around, but I only think ahead about a week or so. If it is a friday(right?) I will most likely be riding, but a daytrip/bbq sounds good. Although I think bbq means ribs etc.. not tofu burgers 😛


    Allright the bh we’ll see if that day doesn’t work for some other people and go from there. Life-link it is a friday, and pat will probably be the only one with his tofu. I think i’ll have some elk for those that want it, and ribs would probably be just fine, i just don’t know how to cook them. 😕 😕 When will you be leaving and coming back BH?? If it’s relativly around then we could probably move in up or back a week. Thanks for imput you guys!! And as for you Dave!!!! i better see you here for Scrubfest, otherwise i’m gonna have to come up there, hunt you down and force you to come back here!!

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    Life-link are you a little bitter 😮
    I take it you went to go see Dan for tacos!


    hey again all, ‘im setting the time for 6:00. I’ll have hamburgers for those there, but if you guys could let me know if you’re planning on coming, so i know how much to get that would be great. BYOB and hope to see all of you there. As far as the day trip goes, we’ll postpone it untill later when the snow is in better shape. Have fun on your trip BH and we’ll see you at scrubfest.


    Sorry this is so late everyone, i forgot an address for you guys. it’s gonna be held at 1904 S Black. if you need more directions than that give me a shout and i’ll get you details. Hopefully you guys’ll show up, also if you guys get back to me before friday and let me know you’re coming i’ll cover your beer for the night!! Incentive to let me know. Hope to see everyone there.

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