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    Hey all. i’m try to get some people together for a fairy lake 4th of july fest. i’d like to start somewhat early and get the great one in b4 the crowds arive, then do the opposing couloir directly afterwords. Afterwords bbq and beer for all by the lake. Let me know if anyone would be interested, or if any other plans were in the making. i’d like to try and get everyone together again for a day. That meens you lifelink and bh!! It will be in the spirit of our friend Dave, who went crazy and decided to move to florida. no harm ment dave, we miss you. So let me know!

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    I hate to say it, but i’m drunk and will most likely be doing some rafting tommorow.(when did they finally get the road open?) However I have had thoughts put into my head about some possible splitting next weeekend.

    Florida!! They don’t have snow in Florida. Gotta do what ya gotta do.

    Edit: whoops I postd on BH’s computer. I told you I was drunk.


    LL, the road was opened two or three weeks before the fourth. Loren and i went the weekend before the 4th and there was hardly any snow, not worth riding at least, sorry i didn’t get that out before hand.

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    screw florida! well, they do a lot of that down there i’ve heard…. anyways, sHrEADING to VT i think. hope you all had fun on the 4th. people told me i did. 🙄

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