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    I distinctly remember waking up on the flight from Tromso to Longyearbyen with a lot of commotion.I thought for a minute there was some sort of emergency onboard,but it was the few skiers who were jumping about trying to snap as many pictures of possible of an endless alpine mountain range interwoven with huge flat glaciers.Now i was really getting excited.

    Svalbard to me and many others was made famous by Jeremy Jones in the movie Further.Having already been to Antarctica,Haines,Japan and of course Chamonix where I recently moved to,I seem to continue my journey of following the great man around the planet being constantly inspired by his energy.
    Although this time unlike JJ I took a boat trip with Ice Axe Expeditions to explore the fjords looking for good skiing.Doug Stoup started this trip 4 years ago and they run 2 itineraries every year end of May and beginning of June –
    Our home for 8 days – Artica 2 –

    Within an hour of sailing out of the capital Lonyearbyen we were greeted with this sort of thing

    Our first few days where socked in and snowy,it was still deep winter up here.We had no set agenda but to explore the fjords on the look out for Polar Bears and good Skiing.

    Flare Guns and Rifles are mandatory safety equipment in these parts ,Johan Jonsson @jonsbert was Polar Bear ready

    Up we go

    First big couloir of the trip

    As we sailed for better anchorage the light cleared a little to reveal a few tracks at the bottom

    Walrus spotted but still on the look out for Polar Bears…

    Another stormy day,another set of Couloirs

    Walk the beach over a scooch anyday

    Day 4 ,weather starts to clear and we head deep into a fjord in search of Polar Bears

    The Glaciers here are stunning

    Think we see something on the ice!!

    Mother and 2 cubs sat being quite as she stalks a seal over a ice hole

    With that boxed ticked and feeling super stoked to see a mother and 2 cubs we cracked on with looking for good terrain

    Which is pretty easy to find in Svalbard

    Quite literally everywhere you look

    Our trusty captain Stein and Adam Clark @acpictures
    as we pull into another beautiful bay of ice

    One of our guides Jmack hauling the rifle around as we head out for a tour at 12am,of course here at this time of year its suns up all day and night

    David Rosenbarger @american_dave gets after it

    More lines

    late night antics – Johan Jonsson

    Looking out toward Greenland

    What else can i say? Svalbard just keeps giving

    Andrew Esienstark one of the Ice Axe guides who’s been on these trips everywhere for last 4 years


    ‘Find what you love and let it kill you’ ~ Bukowski

    Naked Paddle board with rifle for extra bonus gnar points

    Cheers guys,amazing trip,feel very lucky to have been able to experience this,peace,Gav


    Sick pics great TR. Where’s next?


    Nothing worse then a Culchie with money! That’s right, I said Culchie (I looked it up on the internets). Anyhow, nice work Gav! This trip looked even better than Antarctica, Gnarlier lines anyhow (and less ropes too). I’m also glad for you that you chose this over Iceland with us, for it never happened (faaking non-piloting pilots). Also, nice polar bare shot. Personally, I feel one-upped.

    -The Hick


    GaV….fooookin SaWeeeeeeeeT!

    That….WaS……RAD!! :doobie:

    Now get back into that boat, or whatever the hell and get back to the bottom of the ocean…ya bastard…Every time you surface with a paycheck…something rad always goes down….nice work

    Super stoked on that TR…meng…OLAY


    So so good. :thatrocks:


    shit hot gav,

    looks like great terrain :bow:


    :rock: :bananas: Splitboarding mecca for sure! After seeing what I’ve seen on the interwebs, between this and Antarctica, I’d be going to Svalbard no question.


    Cheers Dudes and yes i’m a cluchie Dusty,Irish version of a Hick! 😀


    Yup, life list type trip for sure. Thanks for sharing!


    Yes. So rad.


    Insanely jealous. excellent.


    Awesome trip and pics!

    Bad Ass!!
    @IrishGav wrote:

    More lines


    Simply awesome!


    Awesome trip. My wife and I are going there in August but just for a couple of days. Can’t wait.


    living the dream Gav.

    this is THE trip that I have to do. Looks better than Antartica. Todd O was telling me how amazing it is there.

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