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    hey now splitters,

    been a very nice summer down here @ San Mateo Point. been seeing S/SW swells since May, some particularly nice NZ action in June and July. not really that much action w/ the recent EPAC hurricanes but stil plenty of time left for one to get in the right window. water temps starting to signal the start of Fall, the morning air gets crisper by the day…

    have been riding a variety of boards, a true luxury and one that allows you to take full advantage of the wide range of waves availabe in this magical 6-mile stretch. The primary boards have been:

    Costa Azul 8’2″ singlefin [circa 2006]
    Channel Islands 7’4″ thruster [circa 1996]
    one of several Takayama longboards [various years]

    I just picked up an amazing little 6’4″ CI Twinfinner that is the same
    vintage as the 7’4″ and each cost under $150! Keeping the equipment fresh under your feet, riding different types of boards for different conditions, really keeps it lively for me. Also makes you a better all-around surfer, and hopefully keeps the balance tuned for some winter snow turns….

    looks like some decent activity coming in later today or tomorrow in the head-high plus range, and a good friend and an old sweetie dropping in from Jackson Hole for a few days, so the weekend looks promising…. hope yours is too!

    from the perimeter, KK

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    Dang, I missed the whole summer. Seems like I got in about 4 days of water time. But then again we dont get the south down here so its always a 40-50 mile drive any way. Im waiting for the big west and northwest to come in. Look me up for some boat surfing

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    …last week should have been pretty good for you down there… heard North County was firing solid. we saw some beautiful conditions wednesday through sunday morning.

    …we might be the two most “southern” Californians on this forum!

    yeah boat trips fall/winter I’m ready. and I’m gonna get back on the snow this season too after my first “no snow” season in 20 years.

    split on, KK

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    If you think the south’s don’t hit in sd, you are going to the wrong spots. Blacks and/or Windansea pick up almost anything that rolls through. On the souths, if the torrey pines outer buoy is showing anything bigger than 2 feet at 14 seconds or longer there will be solid surf at either place so long as the direction is north of 190 or so. Conditions have been an issue lately though, even in the morning.

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