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    Here’s some words so few people in this word can say:

    I was wrong.

    I have evolved as a person and I do believe in and value environmental stewardship. However I still take issue with the righteous indignation towards the Supernatural contest.

    I understand that this is a splitboard forum but nonetheless, there is so much injustice, self imposed suffering, war and destruction by mankind in this world and we choose to focus our efforts on the cutting of forest for a free ride contest? Really? This is where we are focusing our energy to make the world a better place – by bitching about some trees that were cut down for a freeride contest? Where do you live? Have you been out in public lately? Do you see the decay and waste and the utter and complete low state of humanity that is most of the humans (notice my lack of the word ‘beings’) walking the planet.

    If you really eat your own cooking: i.e. don’t use any fossil fuels, don’t use the utterly evil financial and monetary system, grow your own food, buy/fix/build exclusively second hand clothes and gear. Always go on foot powered missions, don’t fly, don’t support politicians/governments/military (sorry to gore so many sacred cows here but you favorite politicians really don’t give a fuck about you or the environment and governments around the world have utterly and completely facilitated the genocide of native peoples/species and environments) amen to you. If you live that pure of a lifestyle then you at least have 1/2 a leg to stand on but I suspect that is far from the case here, far far from the case. My guess is you haven’t even the slightest clue about how our monetary system works or who really pulls the strings in our world. If you did you would be helping people to see the lie for what it is instead of bitching about T Rice, Nico and Gigi doing some rad tree bonks

    If you don’t live a lifestyle that pure then take your bitching elsewhere. We should focus our efforts on uplifting each other and actually raising humanity to a higher standard and in the realm of this forum that would be improving access, stewardship, saftey, trail/hut maintenance, helping out a newbie on the skin track instead of shitting on them as is so common, etc.

    Bitching about trees cut down for a contest? Really? Look in the mirror and then take positive action towards something that you actually have control over. The trees that were cut down for the supernatural contest are F*cking dead last on the long, long list of problems that the human race is facing.

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    “The planet is here for man’s enjoyment, smile and be happy and stop worrying about how some trees or frogs or bees are feeling.”

    “Have you been out in public lately? Do you see the decay and waste and the utter and complete low state of humanity that is most of the humans (notice my lack of the word ‘beings’) walking the planet.”

    I study environmental literature and teach in Alaska. Statements like these promote an anthropocentric ideology that has been cemented since the Renaissance. This ideology has resulted in humans that try to abstract themselves from the biosphere which has resulted in the strange ethical theory that the earth is a mass of otherness that is there for our enjoyment or usage. These are serious statements because they pit humans vs. not human, and leave those in power to decide what the boundaries are. Read the 17th-18th century arguments for slavery, they sound a lot like the environmental debates today. This “for the sake of humanity” is an ideological construct unwittingly forged by those in power to keep their power. The planet isn’t “here for” anyone.

    For those of you who are trying to say this debate is aesthetic, not an ethical; this is a claim I hear all the time and it is a straw-man meant to distract us–a play on words to fuddle us about while money is changing hands, reducing the environment, “owned” or not, to a financial signifier. The event you guys are talking about is not about some higher calling, “the promotion of the sport,” it is about money. So are all of the other “backcountry” films I have seen lately. Do you guys know how much a heli-tour is here in AK for the layman?
    Trip reports like those on this website get me more stoked for riding than any of these extreme films. I don’t care about the “boundaries of the sport” being pushed. I like to see people out in the mountains, connecting with something that doesn’t have a price tag on it. Not “dominating” a slope but connecting to it. I think that is why I like climbing up it first. I think, like Barrows said, finding these natural features is what the bc is about. This event, on the other hand, seems to indicate that the mountains aren’t good enough, that they need to be enhanced, that they are there “for” us.

    Sorry for the long post.

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    More than 80 manmade jumps, ramps, and kickers have been built on the 45-degree Scary Cherry run at Baldface Lodge just for the contest, and the construction included topping 50 to 70 trees to build giant, hanging treehouse-like platforms throughout the forest, which is on public lands. ….
    Although the environmental impact is a factor, as with so many things Red Bull, it’s the exuberant self-indulgence of the contest, the Cirque du Soleil element, which seems to set critics on edge. Baldface worked closely with B.C. forest managers and went through all required processes and permits. Seventy trees in all of British Columbia isn’t many. But what Rice and Red Bull are doing with those 70 trees is highly visible and highly symbolic. Burton stash parks are built within the boundaries of ski areas, not the backcountry, and Supernatural is orders of magnitude larger than any pirate parks being constructed by self-motivated homegrown rippers. The media coverage will be massive – Supernatural is being aired by NBC and grandiosely being called “The Future of Snowboarding” — so it isn’t just the 70 trees, it’s the message topping those trees sends to the world.

    (Critics Say Red Bull Contest is Super-Unnatural by STEVE CASIMIRO on FEBRUARY 2, 2012)

    My guess is you haven’t even the slightest clue about how our monetary system works or who really pulls the strings in our world

    Aside from any conspiracy theories. I can hold my own in Conservation, Science, Law, International Business and Economics. Last I checked the world is hot, flat and crowded (read Hot, Flat, and Crowded: Why We Need a Green Revolution – and How It Can Renew America, Release 2.0 by Thomas Friedman).,_Flat,_and_Crowded


    “If you don’t live a lifestyle that pure then take your bitching elsewhere”

    It’s called a Forum! Aka Free of Speech! No, I live in this world and I have a carbon footprint. At least I have an opinion and took a stance. Its called freedom not some liberal-tolerance. So I stay and enjoy my freedom. Thank you SB.
    Note to other SB forum members, I took the extreme environmental side as way to invoke controversy; albeit I trolled: In doing so SB members contributed and brought several worthwhile topics to this discussion.

    Trokedawg: You said.

    I have evolved as a person and I do believe in and value environmental stewardship. Then you say by bitching about some trees that were cut down for a freeride contest?

    Well for the record: It was 50 to 70 Live trees in a fragile alpine environment in Avalanche Slope! So from the contest only serves to its use for only a couple weeks a year. To which a mountainside has been turned into a ruin unnatural setting landscape is which is visible. Got to wonder how many marmots, birds and other wildlife were displaced? Features were (freaking Link-n-Logs) built in an avalanche path. This should be an obvious no-brainer for concern about avalanche safety (Note SB members: please correct me here, if you have been to BaldFace, I am basing my facts on the article writing by Critics Say Red Bull Contest is Super-Unnatural by STEVE CASIMIRO on FEBRUARY 2, 2012 and the photo posted therein. (I posted this article a while back in this thread). Note: even dead trees have value in a forest ecosystem. Your sense of “value of environmental stewardship” does not add-up! Aka value of a mountainside ecosystem and natural wild ascetics vs. a one week of a corporate contest set in the remote backcountry.

    Trokedawg: If you think I am some environmental elitist with self-righteous indignation towards the Supernatural contest. You really missed what this thread was about! REALLY you did!
    Hey, I watched Supernatural on Youtube. I am totally impressed with the athleticism of all the riders.

    AS the OP of this thread, let me clear about my position on this thread:
    1) I do not want to see the SuperNatural contest expand to other high alpine backcountry settings (including other Backcountry Lodges and huts).
    2) I think it is irresponsible for Red Bull to promote a false backcountry experience in an endeavor to sell product. I do not want to see others follow suit.
    3) Whereby, some Yahoo, may want to build a feature on an avalanche slope. To which I might get snaked by their buried feature or a small slide happens and the wooden logs pummel my crew. ‘
    4) I am concerned about others building features (such as kickers) in the backcountry, do backcountry riders truly consider its placement in relation to the avalanche slope? Say best landing zone is 30 degrees? (Right?) Which is prime avalanche degree slope angle. Not I am not saying not to build snow kickers.
    5) Bitch-n about something important to me and listening others on both sides. Well that’s how grassroots opinion start out and can change public policy and corporate actions. That is taking a stand for environmental stewardship!
    After all it’s my (and your) backcountry.

    Sorry for another long thread in respond to Trolldawg,
    I’m stuck this season in New York, away from my Rocky Mountains I call home. Now where did I put that bow-saw? So I can go thin some branches on a New England backcountry ski trail. Oh the Hypocrisy! I can live with that! Peace!

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    You guys do know that live trees are cut down every day in large quantities, around the world, in order to construct all kinds of things of various levels of usefulness. My whole house is built out of Canadian Douglas Fir Trees that could have come from a forest very near to this site. People used to hang people from trees! At least they stopped doing that right? BTW, trees are a renewable resource. Y’all should google it! Yeah, they actually grow back! In a few years, this very slope could have thousands of trees growing on it again! Some people even burn trees in order to keep warm! Oh the humanity!!!

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    I vote and I’ll bitch all I want, thank you and who the fuck are you to tell me otherwise? Complacency is a primo issue in the U.S. Get the job, eat the dog, buy the lexus. Everone’s happy, except your wife and your whinny ass kids and everyone else who knows you. Get rich or die trying no matter what: That’s democracy right ‘der. Good on anybody doing anything to make a change to any small bit of that clusterfuck.

    And we do cut down trees to build stuff. However alpine timber and ecosystems are extremely fragile, success rates for growth are low, and to boot they are jeopardized (atleast here in Vt) by anthropogentic forces i.e acid rain. And just ask the poor folks in West Virginia what happens when you remove an ecosystem from a mountain side.

    edit: I just realized op already touched on some of this but I’ll reiterate for truth.

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