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    Hey all- here’s a something that I have found that really works well to keep the Burton interface working well and smoothly (as opposed to canola oil, WD-40,etc.,etc.) Tri-Flow bicycle lubricant.

    Get the Tri-Flow in a small aerosol can vs the normal drip applicator as it will get further into the pivot points. It is an all weather lubricant that will not break down at a fast rate as well as being proven here on bikes in Colorado winters. Ace hardware has it for about 5 bucks. Cheap and easy….

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    I use Boelube T5. It’s a lubricant made for Boeing and works bery well and doesn’t leave a ton of residue. It is in a aerosol spary as well. It keeps my Burton running smooth and clean and I never spend time scraping ice and snow out of my interface.

    I also added 1mm spacers under the discs on my board to allow a bit of room for ice so the interface is a bit more ice tolerant.

    Works great, but I am getting a new Never Summer board this season with the Voile system.


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    you need only balistol !!!!
    this is a german wappon oil – you can drink it … an clean all dirty things
    and some things more – it s not a joke


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