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    Z Clanton
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    Ouch, that hurts man. Been looking at that for days, and days… Nice work!

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    I concluded 3 things from this TR:
    1. This was probably fun

    2. You get up wayyy too early

    3. Continental snowpacks suck

    that one pic of your bud w/ dead trees and vista behind him looks like a painting

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    Great shots Zach! Looks like a fun line for sure.

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    OH man, with all the rain in Cali your trip report makes me want to convert to mormonism get a couple of hussies to marry me and move to Utah, Nice work Zach :thumpsup:

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    Awesome line!

    Thanks for the stoke.

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    Excellent TR – Sick line.

    Nicely illustrated as always!

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    Nice get Zach! Glad to see you did some snow assessment too :thumpsup:

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    Voile V-Tail 170 BC
    Voile One Ninety Five
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    Super epic day = Super epic pictures
    i like the two airs taken at the bottom of the line

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    beautiful work. love that fourth pic of the guy booting up that ridge.

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    Well done sir! Photos are top notch.

Viewing 11 posts - 1 through 11 (of 11 total)

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