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    I haven’t noticed too much stoke from CO this season. I know have been lagging myself. Maybe its due to the epic season we have been having here. Here is a three day chuting spree i went on last week 2/27-3/1. I have been spending most of my time around summit since i live a few more than 20 miles and the snow has been pretty darn good. So, here it goes:

    Day 1
    Woke up pre-dawn and left @ 6:30 to head to Montezuma to bag a few lines.
    We arrived at the ridge atop Tip-Top Peak and dug around to see what the snowpack had in store for us. After geeking out for a few pit tests it was on to the goods.

    Caddillac Chute- I’m in there behind that white smoke:

    After a short break at the bottom it was time to skin up the valley to Corkscrew. We skinned to the ridge then mixed climbed up to the top. Here’s my ridin partner Pete on his way up:

    Here’s a look up at the top part of the corkscrew:

    Here’s Pete finishing it out:

    After gaining the ridge one more time we finished off with some trees to the car.

    Day 2

    Solo day…. but i had a few lines in mind. First up was the center chute off Little Chief:

    My view from the top:

    One track!!!

    Next up was is the lookers right chute off Royal:

    Day Three

    Here is the view that got my stoke high as I gained the ridge on Little Chief:

    I got in touch with my partner and plans were made to check it out. We skinned up Ten Mile Creek to our first obstacle:

    After some bushwhacking we made our way up a long and interesting route. Here’s Pete earnin this line:

    Next up was the shred! Pete up top:

    Full line off Witchita:

    Pete then split to take care of family while i had just enough left to check out the Hummingbird Chute off Royal lookers left chute:

    All in all sick 3 days!!! Colorado has been great this year with a strengthening snowpack. Can’t wait for spring! :rock:

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    Nice work! knocking of some good lines here in Summit.

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    Thnx for that. Awesome spree for sure. Those are some great lines, looks like a lot of fun.

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    Yeah SouthParkSplitNek,

    I’ve always wondered why with all the rippers out there in CO there wasn’t more stoke coming from you guys/gals. Sick lines. Hope you had fun in Bozeman.

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