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    As much as I am anticipating the upcoming winter season like everyone else, I have really enjoyed the few summer TR’s posted during this lag time. Soooooo, here is my summer TR. **WARNING LOTS OF PICS

    Last month my husband and I (PJ) took a road trip for a few weeks up the Oregon coast and into Washington and Olympic National Park. With no real plans, we headed north.
    Beautiful beaches along the way.

    PJ wanted to check out some of the skateparks along the way. My boy-dogtown Z-boyz style in Lincoln,OR skatepark.

    Niccccce PJ-oldest guy in the park. Front side air.

    Once in Olympic NP, we packed out to Sand Point to enjoy the beach before heading for the hills.

    Ferns and Moss all along the way.

    Views from camp

    Killer sunset from camp too

    Our next plan was to do the High Divide Loop which would give us a nice look at Mt.Olympus from the trail. The wildflowers were still sticking around which I couldn’t get enough of. Inspired by bcd, I attempted some wildflower shots w/my new camera. 😉

    Views and lines along the high divide trail

    Pink indian paintbrush

    In the morning we had a visitor (or 2) in our camp @ Lunch Lake.

    It’s almost like they were posing for me.

    One of the hundred different views of Mt.Olmpus from the trail.

    We found a spot to kick it and eat lunch. The views were just OK. 😉

    Heart Lake

    Flowers above Heart lake

    Straight out of the woods, we headed for Victoria. Dirtbaggin’ it, we took the ferry over and stayed there for about 3 days. There was a dragon-boat racing festival going on which was cool. I’ll spare all of you the pics from Victoria. There are already too many as it is.

    When we returned from Victoria, we headed back to Olympic NP and did a backpack out to Royal Lake. The first night the fog came in but the next morning was incredible.

    Day hiking to upper basin

    Looking back

    We still found wildflowers too.

    Views of upper basin

    PJ’s first turns of the season 😆

    Glacial lakes

    More views

    Wild phlox

    Wildlife -marmot and buck

    Me- back at camp

    One of our last stops was Mt St.Helens. Running out of time, we got a quick look before sundown. The devestated area was quite impressive.

    Trees were obliterated.

    On the way back home we stopped to check out a few bouldering spots. The holds were nice, too bad the rock tore our hands up.

    and a bright yellow flower to end this TR…

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    Puffy! Great frickin’ pictures. The camera is really a few steps up. What kind is it?

    Brodie says hi and expects some really awesome pictures of him this coming winter. 😉

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    Great trip and pics (yeah, what camera did you get?)! Looks like you lucked into some nice weather for your visit to the, ahem, rain forest…

    Wow, that brings back some memories… I grew up in Seattle, and we had a view of the Olympic range across Puget Sound from the house. When I was in boy scouts, we went on a 50-mile hike there across the range. I remember that wood-slat trail, and the views of the glacial tarns in the high country. We were by one of those that had snow around it and ice along the edge of the water, and on a dare a few of us swam out maybe 100 feet to a rock. When we got to the rock we were too cold to swim back.

    (Yes, knucklesplitter, that was the beginning of my obsession with, um, “tough” backcountry situations! 🙂 You’ll appreciate this one too – at the beginning of that hike, I arrived at the trailhead and realized that I forgot my hiking boots at home! The whole troop had to wait there while my mom drove like 3 hours round trip to get them. DOH!)

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    Very Nice Summer TR Puff. Great pics. Thats another place on the list to visit.

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    Forgot to mention, nice skate pics too! Looks like a cool park. You should come down this way sometime. There’s a great park in Scotts Valley, and they’re building a new one in Santa Cruz which looks like it’s going to be amazing.

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    beautiful photos…enjoyed every single one of them…thanks for sharing some summer stoke….looking forward to winter stoke!

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    Nice trip guys.

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    Wow! Great pics Natty!

    Looks like an awesome road trip. You guys are lucky. 8)

    Thanks for sharing! :thatrocks:

    ps. winter is coming…looking forward to seeing you guys soon!

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