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    What do you guys do to train over the summer?

    I was thinking of training for a 1/2 marathon, not actually running one, just training for it. After 20+ years of training with a strength focus, I have to completely rethink how I train so I can pound out some vertical next season. This season was tough.

    (Not sure what happened to my “conditioning tips” thread.. that’s where I was going to put this)

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    you should train for a sprint triathlon instead, so you get more well rounded cardio. My mom does the nordic track every day all season, I started teaching her snowboarding, but I think she would be great at skinning up. She hikes every day. I guess it depends what you have around you.

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    I plan to train the following way:
    Drink beer, drink another beer, sleep at altitude, Repeat. I sleep at 6,500ft, and it totally keeps me in shape with this routine.

    In all seriousness, I plan to mountain bike, hike, and anything active. Maybe I’ll try out climbing this summer too. But for after work routine, I’ve found that longboarding is the closest thing to splitting that I have to do currently. I speed walk up hills and shred as many hills as possible. I still have to learn to stop though… Its sort of like splitting though, and not hard on the body, and generally after work I can ride 6-7 hills in a couple hours and cover around 10 miles total. I felt like this fall doing that a lot kept my sanity and also sorta got me into the splitting routine, and its fun to carve, sorta keeps you in sync with snowboarding.

    I don’t really “train”, I just try to keep my mind off of snowboarding in the off-season. But, WHY ARE WE TALKING ABOUT SUMMER ALREADY? Shhiiiiat, I got over a month of turns left in me.

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    yeah no offense ZEE but wtf are you doing bringing up summer at a time like this? heck pow season is just coming to a close and we have a huge spring season ahead of us. we still got at least 3 if not closer to 4 months of solid riding to go! so come back in at least four months. or if you want to get a head start on your “summer” training – come to cali and split till mid july!

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    I think we’ve only got 3-4 weeks left, so it is a bit premature, but not by too much 😆

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    Maybe you could join this crew’s workout jam session…. 😆 Just be sure to follow the proper workout attire.


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    Mountain biking. I’m trying to be another 10 lbs lighter by the start of next season. Probably try to do some hiking too.

    It just started puking snow out side my window though, so no biking for a while.

    P.S. 6500 isn’t “at altitude”. Shit son, my house is at 9600 feet.

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    In my experience, the biggest issue for bc skiing or splitting is just the ability to climb at a brisk pace all day. For me, the best way to do that is by running and biking, ideally being ok running/ steep hiking for 4+ hours or riding for 8+ hrs (I used to run more but my knees are fading). I think running or riding on trails is more effective because it doesn’t beat you up and it builds quickness and agility. Throw in a little speed work. Also, from an old guy’s perspective, the sooner you get into yoga or Pliates or something similar the better to keep your alignment good and your back and core strong and flexible. That seems to get more important for me every year and I wish I had started earlier. Climbing and skateboarding and other stuff like that is great for strength and body awareness and your head but don’t build aerobic capacity very effectively

    sneeky jesus
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    The best training is probably going to South America for a month over the summer and splitting down there. Anyone down?

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    @ehcarley wrote:

    P.S. 6500 isn’t “at altitude”. Shit son, my house is at 9600 feet.

    Ha, it was a joke. Although when I go back to the east, I can drink everyone under the table. I was more referencing the previous thread about training where people were saying, “Yeah, I like to get up to at least 3k and train, so I’m training at altitude. That shit just made me laugh.

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    @sneeky jesus wrote:

    The best training is probably going to South America for a month over the summer and splitting down there. Anyone down?

    This is the obvious winner, but if you can’t do this then road biking is where it’s at. Just start riding a bike to work and back. I ride a little under 20 miles a day on average and I’ve lost 10lbs and an inch on my waist and my legs are in insane shape. I also walk a lot with a weighted backpack to get my shoulders used to carrying loads which is probably more important seeing as how my back and shoulders are usually far more tired after an approach then my legs.

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    You guys are so serious…were talking about practice, man, practice, not the game, but practice, practice.

    Com’n folks were talking about practice, not shredding the powder. It’s still snowing out and we are talking about PRACTICE?


    Sorry ZEE, just can’t help myself from having a little fun.

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    I remember that, it’s pretty funny.

    Starting next week, I’ll be biking to work twice a week. 15 km one way

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    Never summer :rock:

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    Mtn biking, a little bit of hiking, might work on the flexibility and core strength

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