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    I have a board where some of the 4 holes for the hooks holding the halves are stripped. They are the type that doesn’t show through the base.

    I am curious if I can drill the old holes through to the bottom and install new through-mount hooks.

    Or should I just pick new location for drilling 4 new holes through the base and leave the original holes as they are.

    Any other ideas are welcome 🙂 Talked to shops if they can fix the old holes and everyone says they can’t…



    wow Haven’t been here for awhile. You could possibly re-tap the inserts with a slightly larger screw size but the more bombproof way would be new t-nut insert an inch or so from the old ones and leave the stripped ones be,


    Hey lernr,
    I would avoid base drilling, so 1995 right,

    You could get an m5 threaded grub screw, put some epoxy in the threaded hole and set the grub screw in then bolt from the top using a nut. I would think there would be enough grab left in the threads that with some epoxy you could have a strong post.

    McmasterCarr has them (threaded grub screw M5) get the hex head, pick your length. I think most boards except Rossignol use an M5 with the 0.8 thread pitch.


    These are also available at bike shops, I think the standoff grub screws to adjust how far your bicycle brake levers go back are the same M5 grub screws. I presume they’d be stainless.

    Alternatively there are some very low profile head M5 screws that you could thread up from the base through the existing inserts, just countersinking the head against the existing insert, but that is the hard way I think.

    I have bags of the grub screws and nuts if you want a few, but I’m in Utah. maybe you are in Europe?


    oops, I’m not sure if those screws are M5 or SAE 10/32 thread, I only have M5 stuff.

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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