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    anyone got any idea how to do this? My back leg starts to feel the burn real fas when riding down hill and it starts to take the enjoyment out of riding. Any Ideas how to help make things better?


    Bigger board, or one with rocker or swallowtail? Or try setting your bindings back a bit?

    If all else fails, hit the gym!


    Have to second the swallowtail. But adjusting stance and/or, longer board are options.

    Shark Snowsurf Chuna
    Voile V-Tail 170 BC
    Voile One Ninety Five
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    To start….the reason why you get back leg burn is because in powder you are forced to lean back and put more pressure on your back leg to keep your nose up. You can reduce the burn by setting your stance back as far as possible so that you don’t have to lean back so much to keep your nose up but there are some boards that allow you to keep your stance centred and nose up without having to lean back.

    Pow specific board shapes include the Prior Khyber, Spearhead or a Venture Euphoria. The new rockered boards also address back leg burn and those include the Prior AMF and the Venture Storm. You could even split a Burton Malolo, Fish or any of the swallowtails.

    The cut on these boards have a wider nose with a narrower shorter tail. The scoop at the nose also starts earlier so that snow stays beneath the nose. The idea is that narrower shorter tail allows your tail end to sink in a bit more which then keeps the nose up and it provides for really quick turning in deep stuff. The less weight you have to put on your back leg to keep your nose up means less pressure and burn on your muscles.

    The downfall of these boards is riding switch and crust and ice is harder to ride on because you have less effective edge. For example….

    160 Prior Spearhead effective edge = 109cm
    160 Prior Khyber effective edge = 118.3cm
    161 Prior Backcountry effective edge = 121.5cm
    The Venture Euphoria has a similar cut

    In my opinion, the biggest advantage of a pow specific board is that you can go with a bit shorter of a board than if you were to go with a standard cut board. With splits weighing so much, shorter = lighter in my books.

    With all of that being said, I recently just sold my 158 Burton Malolo. I rode it for two days at Whitewater in Nelson, BC and then for a day at Big Red Cats out of Rossland, BC. All three days we had at least 27” of fresh and that board cruised through all of it and I never had back leg burn. My split is a 158 Prior Backcountry which has me a bit sketched out on the length of the board but when you compare the dimensions to a Malolo it is surprisingly similar. So with any luck….this year I can keep my shorter split for weight savings and still cruise over the deep stuff with no burn. Packing light will be key to making this system work but I’m also not a big guy so I think that it should work out pretty well.


    Set bindings back and even out your weight. If your back leg burns that bad you’re what we instructors call, sitting in the back seat. Try to get your weight forward and commit to your turns using you forward foot.


    I have my back foot as far back as i can get it. Ive been trying to get my weight off my forward foot cuz i find my self havign bad toe dragging issues. Im still getting use to my split board and tryign to figure out a stance for it. My leg has burned in the past, but not this bad after such little riding….


    +3 on the swallow tail, i never get any back leg burn on this puppy.


    sadly buying a new board is totaly out of the question. I will keep playing around with my stance in the hopes I can help ease the burn.

    thanks for the input so far.

Viewing 8 posts - 1 through 8 (of 8 total)
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