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    Andi and I decided to tackle some terrain that we’ve been staring at all season from the top of Jake’s on the first sunny day in ages. We got a bright and early start at 6:15 to try and beat the heat, plus the light is cool in the trees at sunrise…

    Looking across the valley from the top of Hidden Pk. Our goal was to get out to 9,310 across Stony Ridge Lake, but the safe route up was a little long and winding to be able to make it out to the top by our turnaround at 9:30. We made it to the red arrow.

    Here we are at the south end of Stony Ridge Lake looking over towards the runout of Phipps Peak

    A closer look at some sweet terrain

    These cornices guarded any sort of direct route up the beast. The only safe way up required gaining the summit ridge way south, and even then, there was a small spot where we wouldn’t want to be hanging out at later in the day.

    Stony Ridge Lake with the west slopes off Rubicon behind

    Looking towards Rubicon Lake and the backside of the Emerald Chutes

    The snow was fantastic back here at 9:30ish, probably not the case an hour or two later

    Some serious sluffing on this steep (35-40) rollover, though the runout was smooth enough to just rail out of it.

    Back on top of Hidden at 11:30, with Jake’s being thoroughly thrashed.

    Up until now, the snow had been great the entire time. The ride down, though, started off as a few heavy pow turns followed by 2000′ of sticky glop, truly awful and unfun. Oh well. Early starts are getting more and more necessary, thank god for daylight savings.

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    Great TR dibiase! 8)

    Cool area huh.

    Here is a closer look at those chutes from earlier in the season last year with less snow.

    This is the peak in the far right side of your other pic too.

    Its so filled in this year! 😯

    Thanks for sharing! 😀

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    Definitely some cool lines out there, but probably won’t be good to go until the cornices on top mellow out a bit. Those chutes under Phipps though… they look pretty ripe. That whole bowl is pretty sick.

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    We did 9310 a number of years ago starting from the subdivision in Rubicon and skinning up and over Rubicon Peak and screeing down the back side to hidden lake in late july. After a little fishing in Hidden we shot up the gully between Crag peak and 9310. It was quite a view from the top of 9310 although it was now 4pm. After a fun line down those chutes and skiing down to the lake it was another bush wack back up the backside of Rubicon. My ski partner dropped his ski boots into the creek between the 2 lakes so when we got to the top of Rubicon around 7pm it took quite a while to get them on his feet again. By the time we hit the car we had been on foot and skiis for 14 hours. I have always wondered what that place looked like with full coverage so now I know

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    Roman! What’s up? Good to see you getting out there. Nice pics. I keep thinking about getting back to Tallac on a day like we hit it last year… Is that a splitboard I see you on??

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