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    Had some big time fun on low angle runs off of East Ridge of Stevens Peak today. Took off from Berkeley at 4am to meet up with some friends in South Lake. Brought out the video camera and sprayed through dry windblown all day. The steep runs into crater lake looked pregnant, and I was bringing some newbies into the bc, so we took it easy. Able to boot the entire route due to wind scour (even hiking back up the East Ridge for another lap). Here are some stills from the videos. Oh, and we didn’t see a single track (ski or snowmobile) on either Red Lake or Stevens.

    Daniel, rockin the Jansport and old-school carry strap. (I left one of my poles at home, so we shared one pole between 4 of us…)

    Amir cruisin, after realizing that perhaps the windblown crap on the ridges is not representative of the whole mountain!

    Chris, showing how its done

    Chris about to be punished for making only two turns on this face

    Daniel, rockin back to back rooster tails all the way down

    One more of Daniel for good measure

    Here’s me, taking it nice and easy

    And finally Chris, after a long battle with dehydration, exposure and probably a little altitude sickness.

    Overall a beautiful day to ditch out on responsibilities.[/img]

    Here is the video of our trip… The small version is ~8mb and the large is ~35mb



    You will need divx 5 to view these videos. I think winXP already can handle it, but here is the site to download the codec.

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    Nice work dibiase! 8)

    The snow looks $$$! :mrgreen:

    vid clips look fine too. 🙂

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    Just added video to the above TR, we’ll see how it works out.

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    video worked fine…must be the host. 😉

    Really nice job on it dibiase! I liked the tunes and the flow. Keep up the good work! 😀

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