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    5pm avy report is reporting they were slid on approach. Skins on their skis. 3ft crown. 300ft wide. Ran 3000 vertical.
    Cant stop thinking about Chris and Steve. Prayers to the families. Hang in there Wysplit.
    😥 😥 😥

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    Been reading his blog for a long time now. While he was always getting after it, I always got the feeling that he was extremely careful and safe about his backcountry travel. Needless to say I was very surprised to hear of this accident. Goes to show that even the best can have a bad day out there.

    On a more positive note, his trip to Antarctica blew my mind. The photos he put up on that a few years ago were so inspiring I’ll never forget them:

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    Truly terrible… What a year its been.

    Please stay safe out there fellas.

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    Jeramie, thanks for sharing those old TRs.
    Steve and his site are pure inspiration. It’s staggering to think of the amount of people he positively impacted through his sharing of adventures.
    A facebook group has been set up for Steve and Chris:

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    So bummed to hear this. RIP steve

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    Included in this mornings report:

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    No chance. 🙁

    Kyle Miller
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    This breaks my heart!

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    The community lost two great ones. RIP Steve and Chris.

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    Wysplit – I hope you can feel the arms of your fellow splitters around you brother. We got a better sense of Steve through you and thank you & him for those opportunities.

    If there’s any such thing as consolation in this – its that Steve lived more life in his tragically shortened time here than most of us wannabe’s will live in 2 lifetimes in our dreams.

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    Thanks for the kind words from all. It definitely helps through this process. I am so fortunate to have been able to call Steve my friend. I am going to miss him soooo much. I just keep wondering where Steve would want us to go from here?

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    @wyomingsplit_ride wrote:

    I just keep wondering where Steve would want us to go from here?

    I’ve been wondering the same thing – and I think it’s definitely a discussion worth having.

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    Perhaps it is a discussion better left for a different thread or offline. I have my thoughts, but this is not the place to express them.

    I too, am having a hard time coming to grips with this and the entire season in general.

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    Agreed. I wasn’t really thinking here or now.

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    each time start to type have a hard time, Chris and Steve, were not good friends but knew each other and my wife over the years.
    this accident is closest yet, big empty feeling

    said goodbye hiking glory today

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    Very sad news, so sorry to hear of this loss. Though I haven’t know any of the victims from this year personally, each incident hits home hard. Condolences to all family and friends……. 😥

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    i couldn’t believe my eyes when i read this news over breakfast on friday morning. it almost kept me from going out to ride.

    in my few short years of touring, this is the first time that i’ve experienced the loss of someone that i’ve known and traveled with. i knew it had to happen someday, but i guess nothing can really prepare you for remembering someone’s smile on the skin track, and knowing that it’s gone forever.

    i know i wasn’t steve’s favorite touring partner (it was my pocketknife that almost cost him a fingertip after all), but i had nothing but respect and admiration for him.

    what better testament to a life well lived than to be a part of so many people’s happy memories of adventure. i can only hope, whenever my time comes, that a tenth as many good people will look back and smile at the thought of time they spent with me.

    thanks, steve, for being a part of the best year of my life. i still went touring on friday. i couldn’t think of another way to honor your memory.

    TR: an aoraki adventure

    wasatch surf
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    I was searching through the site and stumbled across this. made me tear up at work. I really don’t want anyone to die this year. we are setting up for a spooky year here in utah, dedicating this season to being conservative.

    it’s good for me to reread all of these old avy incidents and fatalities. gets the shit scared out of me.
    Rest in Power Steve.

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