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    Where to: Star Lake and Jobs Sister

    When: Thursday, March 17, 2005 9:00 am sharp

    Why such short notice: The snow is melting.

    Meet at: Heavenly Ski Resort California base lodge at
    the Base of Gunbarrell lift. I’ll try to be in the
    cafeteria before that where we can do a bit of map
    work. If you have never met me before, look for the
    white guy in ski clothes. I should have a pack with
    me and a quadrangle map on the table.

    Which way: Purist will mock our cheating ways, but
    this trip will take a route via ski lifts from
    Heavenly ski resort.
    I did a Nordic route of this planned trip today.
    Even though I am often disgusted with our local
    mountain, I will be skiing Heavenly forever and am
    very careful not to get my pass taken away. Today,
    the Fullstone Canyon back country gate was not
    accessible due to Skyline Trail and all Nevada upper
    mountain lifts were on wind hold. I stopped in the
    main Heavenly ski patrol shack on top of Sky to ask
    how I can have a legal access point. When I mentioned
    I was going to Star Lake, the lock down patroller
    looked baffled and asked me, “Why, would you want to
    do that?” I told him I do this kind of shit all the
    time. He told me to take off from the backside of
    Monument Peak.
    I thought Heavenly has a closed border with BC
    gate access only, but I think the ski patrol isn’t
    worried about the BC due to the low avalanche danger.
    Like the rest of the passholders to this huge Nordic
    Center, I am often confused with Vailcorps boundary
    policy. If they question us, I can tell them what
    their patroller told me.
    We will rip down all the way to Monument Pass and
    get on the Tahoe Rim Trail or we can take a high
    traverse and straddle the county line on the Carson
    range ridge. From there, we have a three mile
    southward trek to Star Lake then skin up the northeast
    aspect of Jobs Sister to ride the steep north facing
    slopes/chutes until say 4:30 pm. Once we have a
    bodycount, we can ski from Star Lake down
    more than 3,000 vertical through High Meadows State
    Park into Cold Creek Canyon ending up around Cold
    Creek and Pioneer Trail. I live two hundred yards
    from this area where I can shuttle people back to
    there cars at the California Base Lodge. As long as
    we don’t have to go to Barton Memorial Hospital after
    the trip, I plan to BBQ at my house, so skiers as well
    as day job non participants can join in that.

    Total mileage from California Base Lodge to my house
    minus laps on Jobs Sister: Today, I got back from
    this route in five hours and figure eight to ten
    miles- possibly more if we get lost.

    Return time: Ideally before dark.

    Why pervert the spirit of the Back Country and use
    lift serve: Because I am one lazy mutha fucka
    who wants to cut over 3,800 feet of climbing to one of
    the more remote area in the Basin where theoretically,
    we should have enough strength to do a few laps on the
    north face of Jobs Sister.

    Ski level of this trip: Super Duper Ultra Extreme
    Expert quadruple black diamond skiers only- just
    kidding, but this is a somewhat dangerous trip not
    only becuase of the 40+ degree steep north face of
    Jobs Sister (there is a plethra of less steep terrain
    all over this area), but the return down is thick with
    trees and a wide variety of snow conditions including
    the forest floor which has magically appeared in the
    past couple of weeks. In other words, expect core
    shots. Be aware that lift serve resorts are subject
    to closure. Call Heavenly in the morning and try to
    actually talk to a person about what is really open.
    If winter returns and the snow turns into glacial ice,
    we can all put our heads together on Thursday morning
    and figure out if this is just another stupid idea Dan
    came up with. I promised Dave Beck I wouldn’t die
    until I’m out of Avy 2. In all seriousness, safety
    first. If we all decide the danger level is too high
    to do the chutes, I am fine with that, it’s still a
    great BC trip.

    Weapon of choice: I used my tele set up today and
    never once busted out the skins perferring to Nordic
    skate much of the terrain. Tele gear would be ideal
    for the route in. My traverse home was mostly
    downhill and could be boarded with good pole work. I
    haven’t made up my mind, but am leaning towards my
    splitboard as I am more likely to survive the chutes
    on a board than flailing on my 192 cm Karu Special
    K’s. The problem with the split board is the rolling
    three mile entry.

    You elitist Gaper, do you think everyone has a pass to
    Gaperville?: I realize that many of you do not have
    passes to Heavenly. But with the recent summerlike
    weather, comps are flying out the doors of many local
    business establishments. In other words, ask around
    town and you may be able to score a free lift ride up.
    I have two $25 vouchers left that I’d give anyone who
    wants to come on this trip. You could ask Heavenly
    Ski Patrol and tell them you are digging snow pits,
    and I’d imagine they’ll give you one in exchange for
    your data. You don’t have to come with us through the
    resort. The traditional route starts at Luther Pass
    and you can meet us at Star Lake.

    Bring: A butt plug for when you see these chutes
    close up. Even though the avalanche danger is low,
    these chutes are wind loaded If anyone has some
    explosives, that would be key, we’ll have to do some
    ski cutting before dropping in. If you have a cell
    phone or two way radios, bring them. Bring a shovel,
    probe, and beacon (if you don’t have a beacon borrow
    one from some employed person that can’t make the trip
    or rent one from Sierra Cycle Works for $10). Lunch,
    flashlight, water. If you are thinking about doing
    the chutes, bring a helmet, and possibly an ice ax.
    We need at least 100 feet (ideally 150+) of rescue
    ropes (8mm). I’ll bring a gun for the snowmobile
    biatholon (no snowmobiles allowed up here) and wear a
    life preserver as I couldn’t judge the ice depth of
    Star Lake.

    Call or write if you have any questions. Please
    respond if you are planning on coming along.

    -Dan Seufert

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    I can’t make it but thanks for the invitation. Sounds like a great tour.

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