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    and I don’t like it. Yesterday was hiking in mud before skinning and missed the corn cylce by about an hour(dropped in at 12:30). however after our avy conditions this season it was nice to be able to drop something a little steeper. Is it winter anywhere guys?

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    I just got back from a weeklong river/backpacking trip in the Utah desert. It’s warm as hell on the front range now…and hard to think snow. Just got a message from splitfire…apparently it’s winter in Alaska-sunny and face shots…and he just got asked back to fill in a single slot for his 2nd day on Jim Conways bird!

    👿 👿 👿 😡

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    yeah, spring here in the kootenays. I am just holding out for AK. Ill be there in May

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    well, it’s not quite spring here (hopefully not yet). kind of a weird point with cold & dry & sunny conditions with some avalanches in the hills due to past alternating freeze/thaw/storm conditions. looking forward to one last snow dump probably. so get out and enjoy what you can cause summer is around the corner for some 😉 i would go for some t-shirt and shorts spring snow though.

    Last year in July and in shorts.

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    livin it up on the east coast. jay area reporting up to 3 ft

    Unruly Baker
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    I’ve temorarily given up on winter here in Wasangelas.

    Been mountain bikin instead. Trails are dry and it’s 70 degrees. Rather spend my time biking right now rather than dealing with the piss poor boarding and the rediculous avy danger we have right now.

    Rumor has it a little shot of winter might show up here mid week.

    I’ll hold my breath. 🙄


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    Two weeks ago we had two storms 13″ and 15″. Then it got up to 60 degrees for a week and a half and it is all gone now. I really enjoy winter, I just wish it would last more than a week.

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    It’s spring like at my house in seattle but still expecting 12″-18″ this week with 1000′-2000′ freezing levels in the Cascades. We have a solid month before it turns to crap…

    😀 WOOT!

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    Work day at JHMR, 60 degrees today 8) . It rarely gets that warm here ’til late June. Can anyone say slushboarding. Glad I am not a skier anymore. Tele hell it would have been. Oh well. President Bush say’s global warming doesn’t exist. March 19th, 60 degrees,Jackson,Wyoming. I guess he must be right ❓ All to soon it will bike season it looks like 🙁

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