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    Lot’s of good stoke these days. We’ve got a scary deep slab instability on our NE aspects which has me thinking twice about some of the bigger lines I would like to tag. Basically every snow/wind event for the last month has been followed by a monster like this ripping naturally.

    Not that we’ve had enough clear skies to get out anyways. I feel silly posting about a day in the cirque but thought my footage turned out good and since I put the work in putting it together I thought I might as well share it.
    Some pics got a nice slab to go on my first run. Kicked cornices and used the slide to put in the short track allowing me to get a few runs in before the heat of the day started sending sluffs down on everything. In fact the line I rode and kicked this slide off is known as Romans named after a guy who died the same way.

    This zone is a minefield of Bus size cornices and wind slabs

    Take care everyone…..lovin/appreciate the stoke gonna be a long season.

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    jeebus that’s a little scary. I would definitely be a little tentative if that was still going on at this time of year…

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    Swet vid, love the face shots…it was like you were eating powder donuts :headbang:

    Rico in AZ
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    Nice viddy, that slo-mo toe side turn was fat.

    Nice binders 😉 Welcome to the dark side!

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    Bitchin’ video worth watching!!!

    The flip side of those instabilities is those face shots. The riding’s good out here, and there’s still pow to be found..but I’m not anticipating any face shots like that the rest of this season!

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    Dude, UTAH, that video is SIIIIIICK!!

    Super rad pointer lines man!! :headbang:

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    UTAH, thanks for sharing! Sweet footage.

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    Very very nice. You guys are inspirational… :thumbsup:

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