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    Met up with a Iranian/American from visiting from Switzerland this morning to ride some Wasatch blower. He claims the Swiss Alps are witnessing one of their worst winters in 60 years 😥 Dude rips though! Good meeting you Arash.

    The Old Man continues to produce that Wasatch Smoke though :doobie: its good out there!

    I think this was the 2nd lap, the sun held out for our first two in the morning then the snow started coming down by our third around noon or so.

    Another 8-12 overnight should be good :bananas:

    Homeboy Arash loving the soft skinner

    Pardon the OG gangsta rap.. I was digging Tupac on the trail today….

    Let it snow!

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    DUDE! Awesome video!
    Love the pole cam, with the switching hands from front to rear view, Fuckin’ Rad!
    The rear view was amazing.

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    Fantastic footy. Nice work. I skinned to the top of Empire bowl at Deer Valley this am. Blower as well. It was windy and snowy, so didn’t get any pic’s, but it was a great morning. :thumpsup:

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    Hey Alx88,
    Just wondering, did you use any anti-vibe or steadycam mount. Or, post production stabilization?
    Looks pretty steady.

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    Very well done! Love the pole mount. What cam are you using? I think I am going to have to get the pole mount for my Drift HD. Good stuff.

    I noticed your head phones and such. I have heard that you want to keep electronics at least 10cm (some say 20cm’s) from you beacon due to interference. I’ve seen demo’s on said interference and it’s no joke. It looks like you are past that threshold but you might want to consider where you are packing it. I have the same problem with my cell phone as there are days I go out that I have to be able to answer it. Not trying to douche up your thread as the vid was awesome. Just an fyi, in case you weren’t aware.

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    Nope no steady-gizmos that I know of. The video is captured via GoPro HD wide angle (wide angle = crucial) and the videos are processed in iMovie. That program ‘optimizes’ the video when it is uploaded… Hope that helps.

    @ Killclimbz.. Thanks, I wasn’t aware.

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