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    wasatch surf

    It was my spring break last week which aligned perfectly with Jeff(kitesurfa) coming into town. The weather gods smiled on us and a storm every few days spaced by amazing bluebird made for one of the best weeks of riding i’ve had all year. I won’t go into a long winded account of each day cuz who cares, everyday was good, with great friends and awesome snow.

    Day 0.5 Pole Line Pass
    First day skinning since the first of February. Mono is a bitch. Felt awesome to be skinning again however my cardio felt way fucked up. Quick evening lap to cardiff pass.

    Day 1 Grizzly-Silver-Days
    Lots of people out but not a soul in silver fork, days was a zoo. However it was fun to rip super dry powder on a shady run in full view of two heli-loads full of powderturd guest getting manky turns on the E facing aspect. didn’t take the camera.

    Day 2 White Pine-Hogum
    Fun day with Jason and Jeff. Tagged a new line on the obelisk and rode the hogum 200 for the first time. Exit was a pretty horrible.



    Hogum Fork

    Day 3 Georges Bowl-Mineral
    5 star powder day on mellow terrain in the wind and clouds. Mineral exit was nice. No photos due to over the head powder and bad light.

    Day 4 Days Fork Tour
    Classic Days Fork tour upper, main, banana, crystal palace. Best day of the season. Riding main days canadian style with Dave, Matt, and Jeff was unforgettable. And we got picked up within 30 seconds of thumbing.

    Dave (scooby2)

    If there was a prettier day in the Wasatch, I don’t remember it

    Jeff and Matt S. on top of Main

    Jeff dropping into nana days


    Uinta’s in the distance

    Dave slashing on the exit


    Day 5 Argenta
    Met up with Nic, Alister, Barrows and Keffler for a tour on the wind blasted snow. 1.5 laps on argenta with some fun bumps made for a great half day. Super great meeting you Barrows and Keffler! great to put some faces with the names after all these years.

    Al and Barrows hamming it up on the skin track, probably talking about board specs.

    Twin Peak Wilderness

    Barrows in the windboard 😉

    UTAH rips

    AL boosting on a furberg, wait what?

    Keffler on the Unicorn Chaser

    Nic pulling another method

    Thanks to Jeff, Jason, Nic, Dave, Matt, John and Barrows that was fun!
    Video from the week. Mostly pow riding but some other shit towards the end if you can make it that far.


    Rico in AZ

    Wow, Dan, you’ve got some fantastic shots there! :headbang:

    And rippin’ a line in full view of the powderturds– I wish I could have seen their faces.



    Shark Snowsurf Chuna
    Voile V-Tail 170 BC
    Voile One Ninety Five
    Spark R&D Arc


    Duuuuude Dan amazing pics! Had such a blast, still running on stoke from the weekend. That shot of Scooby2 with the huge spray is sick. Take care.


    Hey Dan, thanks for sharing, and great to have a chance to meet up.


    Nice, nice, nice big turns! Beautiful.


    Nice edit from the pov footage! Looks like great turns.

    wasatch surf

    Thanks guys! I haven’t pulled out the big camera much this year so i’m stoked you guys are diggin the shots.


    Great stuff!

    Thanks for sharing WS! :thatrocks:


    Had a great time touring with ya Dan! thanks for taking and posting some nice footage. what a great week that was, I bet you are doing the same today.


    Excellent collection Dan!


    Incredible shots Dan and the video is amazing (what is that song?).

    What an honor and a priviledge to get to ride with some of the best splitters on the planet in one of the best places on the planet! And luck into great snow and super stable conditions. Really a dream come true.

    Aloha till next year!


    Awesome :thumpsup:


    @Taylor wrote:

    Nice, nice, nice big turns! Beautiful.



    Oh yeah! Some beautiful shots and great action that really got me itching to get out there!

    Thanks! :rock:

Viewing 15 posts - 1 through 15 (of 15 total)
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