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    I spent 3 nights at holiday camp off the 395 by Toms Place, with Mammoth receiving 3-4 feet of snow recently I expected snow camping, but Holiday was bone dry no snow.

    Saturday friends and I set out for Red Cone Bowl on the mammoth crest. The area received a foot of fresh snow or so, somewhat protected bowl still had some wind effect and transported snow. After one person in the grouped kicked over some cornice bombs, we dropped in one by one and did 2 runs.


    mammoth from red cone

    red cone bowl

    looking down the mammoth crest

    Friday was not a back country split day due to high winds and a snow storm, I set out for a snow shoe to south lake with a friend. Snow just above the road closed sign. A snow storm rolled in and it was snowing up at the lake and very high winds, it was a great day. Lots of snow above 8k.

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    Yeah Dude…looks like youre having a good season Beantown! Thanks for sharing the stoke, keep livin’ the dream bro ham

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