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    dr. mahkman

    Salaam Aleikum, Privet-

    Fishing these bountiful waters to see if we can track down splitters who have ridden Kyrgyzstan/other parts of Central Asia. Not sure we’ll find many…but we’d like to at least up the stoke regarding this part of the world because it is so little (and oftentimes mis-) understood in the West, and because the mountains there are simply incredible.

    We (myself and a few other splitters and bc skiers, all of whom hail from Colorado) are 2 years deep into a project to develop a community-supported yurt-stay/backcountry touring and education program in KGZ. Our endeavors began as a home-grown development project known as The Kyrgyzstan Plan, and since developed into a full-fledged (though still fledgling) backcountry guiding outfit called 40 Tribes. The upcoming 2010/11 will be our inaugural season, so we’ve got a lot to look forward to.

    I’m here in the INTL split forum for 4 reasons:

    1) We want to hear and stay in touch with splitters who are riding Central Asia!! We would love to maintain a CA-specific thread/topic here on, and we would also like to recruit relevant trip reports and other beta for the 40T forum. As the buzz grows we’d like to make sure that there is an avenue for people to be share about their Central Asia shredventures – whether it’s poaching the sidecountry at one of the many developing resorts, farming turns from a MI-17 heli, or touring from any of the mtn passes.

    2) Everyone who loves to travel/ride the world should know that our doors are open for self-guided stays. :bow: We’ll have a yurt set up this season in the Lake Issyk Kol region (between Karakol and Dzerghalan – 2 known resort/heli skiing destinations), and it will be available whenever a guided program is not taking place. Our village partners will host anyone staying at the yurt, so the cross-cultural element is a huge part of the experience. This would make an epic trip if you can pull together a crew and make it happen!

    3) Anyone who wants to get involved in the project in any capacity should check out our voluntourism program. We’re interested in hearing from guides and avy educators in particular – those who’ve got some freedom this coming winter…who can join us for one month or longer…oh, and can afford their own travel costs. But from there we’ve got you covered – food/lodging in the village and at the yurt, and as much shredding as you can handle.

    4) Photos.



    Nice! Awesome pictures, and what you guys are doing there is awesome.

    That place has fascinated me since I randomly picked up and read “This is not Civilization” ( from a friend’s bookshelf, and I was so stoked to find out about the “Kyrgyzstan plan” when I was looking for more information about the place.

    I almost made it there this summer for some climbing, except the coup and ethnic conflict was happening right when we were trying to get plane tix and we didn’t know the extent of it so we bailed. I would really like to hear from your perspective what the political situation is like there now, and especially, how has it affected the kinds of things you are doing with 40 tribes?

    thanks for the information and sharing the pictures!

    dr. mahkman

    Thanks for the props and cool to hear you had already stumbled into the TKP project!

    Man, there’s so much to say regarding the political scene in KGZ. Sounds like you’ve been following regional news a bit (probably more than most), so I’m sure that you’ve come to understand through all of the vague and conflicting reports that it’s hard to say exactly what’s going on over there and it’s even harder to say what the outcome will be.

    I answered this question a bit more thoroughly in the Q&A I did with Off Piste Mag a couple of weeks ago. Take a look at the last Q in particular.


    Hello from Kazachstan =)

    We’re riding to the North of you =) Not splitting, but thinking about this. Here’s a two regions boardriding: South Kazachtstan and East Kazachstan. I live in the second. If you got some time – you’re welcome. We’ll make some fun with a nice company on a local slopes. Hope you’d like it.

    If you wanna get in contact – PM me.

    2ALL: If you got any question about thia Asia region – you’re welcom, i’d answer them ASAP.


    You must know Mike- he started

    He’s on this thread, but I can’t seem to find his ID- was it Stellar? He had a stellar as his pic for awhile…

    I can’t wait to get out there and check it out!

    dr. mahkman

    @earthsurfing wrote:

    You must know Mike- he started

    Don’t know Mike but I’ve heard of the project. Should be able to track him down via the SFK site. Thanks for bringing it up.

    Lots of self-guided availability this January. Rally your crew and come check us out!

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