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    I’m totally new to this forum, and I hope that I dont ask about something that is already answered in another thread.

    Right now I’m riding on a old Duotone split but I’m thinking about splitting an Atomic Banger.
    Does anyone of you know if this could be a suitable board to split?

    I’ve been riding it before and is happy with the performance, just hope that splitting it will be OK.


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    It will soften after splitting.

    Just make sure it has a solid wood core. No foam, no hybrid, no honeycomb BS.

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    Thanks for the information.
    I read this in the description about the core:
    The D4 sandwich construction keeps the flex poppy and transfers from edge to edge quickly.
    The core is an extra special blend of top secret wood and bio-engineered poplar with milled channels to reduce weight and increase pop.

    Do you think the “milled channels” can be a problem?

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    Is that this years banger, with the purpleish topsheet?

    I looked at splitting that. The only thing i saw happening was that super soft nose getting even softer. I would just be weary when/if you get out on it not to put too much weight on the nose it in split mode.

    The milled channel should not matter, and if there is a channel right down the middle you could fill it with epoxy once its split. Not optimal, but nothing that would stop me either. I split a K2 Gyrator with honeycomb and just filled it with epoxy and it seemed fine…

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