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    I’ve decided to finally ditch the snowshoes and get with a splitboard. Since I can’t afford to buy a ready made one, I’ve decided to go with the do it yourself kit. My question is about the board I would like to split. I have an 03/04 Palmer Honeycomb. It has a sidewall/cap construction(kind of a melding of both), so I’m not sure if it will be a problem with it have some cap. Also, does anyone know how the honeycomb material will hold up once it’s split? It’s only in the very tip and tail but is pretty flexy as is now, pretty stiff under foot though. Any advice would be greatly appreciated. Thanks

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    Honeycomb as in aluminum honeycomb core? If so, I be real skeptical about splitting it. I suppose it *could* work if you epoxied the hell out of the cut edges, but I haven’t heard of anyone who’s split an aluminum core board… anyone else?

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    You definitely need something solid for the screws to hold on to. What is this honeycomb stuff? Sounds hollow…

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    I would advise against splitting a honeycomb core. It will not hold up, not to mention that it acts differently than a wood core and I doubt it will be still good torsionally. Honeycomb is hollow between the web like features, I don’t think the Palmer boards run an aluminum one core, I think its more like a Nomax or something. I’ve used it in a nose cone of a FSAE car we had to build in school.

    I’d be interested to see what happens though if you decide too do it. Unless you’re totally willing to scrap that board out though, I’d keep it around.

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    i have some experience with similair materials (also from FSAE). i really wouldn’t split that thing. you will get severe “exit wounds” in the hollow areas from the deck and base when cutting it. with that in mind, i am selling a NS Legacy 165 that would be perfect for a split… 😉

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