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    with 3 feet of socal cement, the splittin is not too bad in big bear lake! I’ve been out 2 days in a row now. Elevation around these slopes is 7400 or so. Short and sweet.

    I wish I could hit up San Gorgonio but no north side access due to the lake fire.

    Tomorrow I’m hitting up a bigger local mountain, Sugarloaf just a tad under 10,000 feet.



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    I could believe how much Bear got from that system. It’s too bad about not being able to get out to San G. Can you make it out to Baldy?

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    I can make it to Baldy, I’ve hiked it plenty of times but not ridden it yet. I heard its pretty dam good when it fills in, your talking about the ski resort? I don’t know I would fight the crowds leaving Big bear to fight another at Baldy tho, unless it were a week day. I heard Telegraph peak is pretty good. I’ve done some stuff off the 2, baden powell and throop peak. I would like to explore more that area for splitting.

    yeah I’m so bummed out about san g.

    Sugarloaf and Green mountain (the peak just east of Sugarloaf) have delivered here in Big Bear though!

    this was 1/9 yesterday. Was hoping the rock bowl areas would have been more filled in, but wind may have stripped them – these were NW aspects and NE seemed to have more snow. Still we found the good stash though.

    today 1/10 we went to some other NE aspects hoping the rock bowls would be filled, but same thing. We still found some great terrain, and when it is all filled in it will be killer.

    san gabes looking good!


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    Way to get after it!

    Go that way really fast. If something gets in your way, turn.

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    you gotta get it whiles its good around here powhound, shit melts so fast in socal lol!

    from today

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    Dude that’s Killer!! Great to see some pics from the San Bernadinos. Hopefully we will see some pics coming in this week from the San Gabriels too.


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