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    jive stick
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    Sunday was the last day of the splitfest. Snow continued and some had to leave early so, the tour is a bit of a repeat.

    Once again, the bus drops us, where we are joined by those leaving early. A telemarker is a bit stunned to see all the splitters. It’s okay we’re joined by a skier today.


    Started at the end of the road at Alta ascending to the top of east bowl of Silver-Michigan city.

    Descended the west facing into town.

    This guy joined me for two tours, strong hiker riding the big ole rocket 195St and I’ll be damned if I can remember his name. Rides with poles, too.

    Ascended the same route and descended the east bowl.

    bcrider purposely produced over the head snow a coupla times. I took advantage.


    And, again.

    Finally weary? and unable to breathe, he comes to the surface.

    The same foot or so as yesterday. Good settlement. Natural activity was observed in the east bowl, with a new snow slide in the upper. Crown was not visible but the slide ran several hundred vertical, taking out most of the upper center of the bowl, perhaps a hundred feet wide. A distinct crown was observed skier’s left of the east pass. That one was the result of sluffing from above triggering the slide within the most recent snow. It was less than a foot deep and twenty or so feet wide.

    Ascended to east pass traversing west along the ridge and descended Over Easy continuing into the main gully.

    Ascended west bowl to the saddle, descending Hideaway park to the flats

    Ascended south up Days fork cutting off and ascending the east facing to the top of main Days. Traversed north and descended Banana Belt continuing out Days Fork.


    Overcast to mostly cloudy. Occasional flurries, with An instability shower in the late afternoon. Moderate temperatures and light winds.


    A slide was triggered with a ski cut in Banana Belt, first entry skier’s right of the summit. That one was forty-fifty feet wide and up to a foot deep. It ran about five hundred vertical. Initiated by the second skier. Snow below about 8500′ suffered from effects of greenhousing and maybe a little sun. It was thick and dense. Wet activity consisting of rollers was once again present on the lower Days fork trail.

    Bottom Line:

    Snow is for the most part stable. There are lingering areas of older wind drifts and lack of bonding in some of the layering within the last couple of days snow, which remain sensitive. I’d expect isolated areas to remain sensitive tomorrow with increased hazard from extended sunny period or significant wind and or snow.

    Thanks to those attending and those who organized.
    That was fun.


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    I’m starting to think that no one at splitfest had more fun than bcrider. (With the possible exception of p420, but that’s kind of a given.) Good on ya’, man. You deserve it!

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    nice pics jive stick. those are some big rooster tails. the snow on the north facing slopes was amazing on sunday. the way the powder is lifting up, like a wave, in that close up of bcr’s turn is amazing. that utah snow ain’t too bad.

    thanks again for the local knowledge and also thanks to brian the trail breaking tele stud.

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    hey! hey! you guys had fun! 😀
    congratulaions!!! 😀 😀

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    yep, lots of fun was had!

    thanks for the pics jive!

    and for letting us follow you around. 😀

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    oh yeah, the splitter on the 195 ST is age6andup, aka Aaron.

    Nice guy and good trailbreaker. 8)

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    Here are my pics from Day 3.

    Thanks again for the tour Jive! It was great seeing you again. 🙂

    Will coming down our first run. (Sorry you guys followed my lame line instead if Jive’s line)

    age6andup coming down our send run. Jive stick shooting.


    dishwasher dave


    Jive Stick

    Norse and Jive Stick breaking trail back to the pass. Thanks guys!

    Arash and the crew spreading out a bit.

    Jive Stick


    Will on our 4th and final run of the day.

    dishwasher dave

    Every tour should end like this!

    Thanks again Jive Stick!

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    Great pics!

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