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    I’m looking for some splitboards for snowkiting camps I run in New zealand. Last season we used standard splitboards that were set back way too much for kiting. You need a twin tip so I’m looking at spliting my own boards for this year. Anyone have any gear they want to get rid of end of your (northern hemisphere) season I may be interested.
    Also, tried a board with rocker last season and I recon this could be the ticket for a split for kiting. Anybody else out there have any ideas one what might work best. Also, check out the new online snowkite mag
    I have a couple articles in the latest issue.

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    Venture’s rockered split should be a kick-ass factory split.
    Monk151(Brian) will split any of these for a factory quality ride read

    I think you’re right – the rockered design will allow combo capability of a good gravity ride or kite ride & a split will always get you back to the car easier than post-holing when the wind dies 4 miles away or you ease over that hill into a lull.

    Looking forward to pics & reports from the NZ season. Its also a good time to check ebay for closeout deals since end – of – season stuff is happening now for boards cheap.

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    I found this website, they have a splitboard that’s designed for snowkiting with rocker and reverse sidecut.

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    Ill hopefully get to demo a Prior AMF Split sometime during the next couple of weeks for backcountry kiting. Will post results here.

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    If you are looking for a rocker splitty, Sentury’s Sync is what you are looking for. It is a twin tip rocker (nose and tail, center is flat for better skinning) and will be faaaaarrrrr cheaper than any other production splitboard.

    Boarder Patrol, I sent you a PM with website and contact info

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    Not to rain on anyones parade, but senturys rocker profile is flat between the feet and in my 20 years of snowboarding experience when its flat like that it means im done with the board.(just because its a twin tip does not make it “the shit”) I believe neversummer and lib tech have the correct rocker shape (just ride one and you will know what I mean) Prior has a different rocker profile and it seems to work for people the jones board also has the same shape as priors. Lightweight in a snowboard is not always good, if you live, ride, and play in the mountains and need a board that can take abuse look to the tried and true companies

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    After 30 or so sessions on a Twisted Velocity board that Monk151 split for me I can say this board rides super nice for snowkiting & has saved my ass a pile of postholing at least 2x when the wind crapped out far from my ride. Very much worth making into a splitty.

    This board is rockered throughout with reverse sidecut just like the lib tech banana hammock. It rides upwind great. It floats powder or mank great. It edges well on sastrugi & boiler plate – so long as – you are kiting! If you try gravity turns on boiler plate it becomes some crazy ass beast that I can’t figure out. Gravity turns in powder or good corn are really surfy & fun. It skins great breaking trail or soft snow. It skins crappy on steep boiler plate or really firm skin track(not enough contact on snow I guess).

    Some of the days spent on this board were not super friendly conditions. I’m still not skillful at kiting so I think that is tougher on a kiteboard than with really well developed skills.

    All I can say for Monk151’s work is amazing quality. This board has held up through all the crap I’ve dealt it & still going strong. Gotta love spring in MT – best conditions this season looming for the weekend ahead – esp. for kiting.

    Thanks Monk!

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    Right on! I’ve been thinking of getting my twisted split. Great kiting board for sure. Bomber too. Wonder how the reverse sidecut would be in the skintrack, sidehilling, etc. Thinking of using to reach some new kite terrain.

    Pretty cool that several companies are producing true twin factory splits. Prior AMF, Venture, Sentry…

    I sometimes kite with the guy who owns and builds the 3B split kiteboards mentioned above. He’s a good dude and would be great to support him if you got the $$$ to throw down. He’s got some really strong kiters on his product locally and I’m guessing the gear is holding up.

    Rocker is for sure the way forward for kiteboards. :headbang:

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