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    I’m new on this board, and this place rock … lots of good information on the fascinating world of splitboarding. I don’t own a Split yet, but I’ve been snowboarding in resorts only for almost 10 years now … more and more I read and hear about splitboarding, more I’m leaning into getting one. My concern here is my friends are AT skiers … I’m interested to know if it’s usualy a big deal to ride with AT skiers on a split … ? Is it slower, do they usually have to wait more because of the difference in equipement, do you have to do better trail selection because your on a split compare to AT ? … that kind of stuff … Since I never tried one, I’m just curious to see if I could be a “drag” being the only one on a split within an AT skiers group ? Thanks in advance for your comments ….

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    Yeah. you’re definitely going to be slower… Those guys, just have to push a button to go from one to the other, while you have to get out of your bindings, take them off… aww never mind. You know the difference. The real question is, are they cool with letting you ride in your way, or do they give you crap for not fitting into their personal view of the BC world. It’s the same as being with skiers inbounds. Either they give you crap for having to stop to get into your bindings after every lift, and make fun of you for hating the flats, or they’re good, decent people.

    Only you can know if your friends are actually cool or secretly jerks. 😈


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    Split is the greatest. Get one. If your friends give you shit. Get new friends.

    The little bit of time you spend changing over the split is well worth it.

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    I’d be willing to bet that every single splitter on this board rides with AT skiers. In fact, I’ve got a few AT and tele friends who prefer riding with splitters becasue snowboarders like kick as terrain.

    The secret is to be in better shape than all your friends. Fitness and technique will seperate a group quicker than the mode of transportation.

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    Splittin is the shit. The difference it takes to go from touring mode to board mode is not that noticeable, esp once you get used to it and you start gettin faster. I think ecobrad got it right, it really just depends on how good a shape your in. I can keep up with my skinny tele friends, its not like we’re in that big of a race anyways. And if they don’t like it because it doesn’t fit their “idea” of backcountry then tell em to suck it. You don’t need friends like that anyways. Besides, it beats the hell out of snowshoes. Splitters are a hardcore, dedicated group. Resorts are played out and old news. I love the fact that i can drive up to Cameron pass now and MAYBE get behind one vehicle the whole hour drive up. Whereas before i’d have to get on I-25 to denver and then to the cursed I-70, choking on my own rage as i sit in traffic with all the other ski-traffic gapers. I’m just sayin’s all. F i-70!!!!!! F it!!!!

    Sorry for the tangent

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    Some of my best touring partners and AT skiers. :thatrocks:

    Due to the nature of the equipment, a splitboard will be a little slower overall than AT. They don’t have to transition the board, the gear is lighter, the skis are narrower etc. There are tricks you can learn to keep up though like others have said, fitness being a big one. While a splitboard is a slower than AT it’s much faster than snowshoes. Most serious AT skiers will tour with splitboarders but would never wait around for folks on slowshoes. They just aren’t as evenly matched. (of course there are rare exceptions) You don’t have to make a separate skintrack when touring with AT skiers but depending on their ski width you may have to spend a little extra energy than them if it’s real narrow.

    Get one and you’ll never look back. Enjoy and welcome to the site! 🙂

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    I just put rocks in their packs while they are dicussing the finer points of how much lighter their dynafits are compared to my split. 😯

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    what about line selection or what if there is an unexpected cliff band or something?

    skiiers can sideslip and traverse with ease…is this ever an issue riding a split while with skiiers?


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    i find when touring with skiers the transitions are not that big a deal and most guys are willing to wait an extra two minutes. the biggest difference i find is it is harder to do a level traverse on a board, and of course the occaisional flats, and sometimes the deproach trail. so basically if it is mostly up and down touring you’re good but lots of traversing less good. i have an AT setup too so i will consider what the nature of tour is when i decide what to throw in the truck.

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    They will be first to the top of the mountain, but you’ll beat them down.
    It all evens out.

    The hardest thing to overcome is the issue of first tracks. The AT’er will want to go first if they got to the top first. The trick is to switch over right away, eat if you have time, then bust out the green, hit it, pass it, then snake ’em as they toke. 8)

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    Sweet move! If they know you’ll be cooking “Satan’s Salad” they have to wait for you!

    Putting the poo in swimming pool since 1968.

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    A little opium on the bud does wonders for slowing them down as well.

    “Go ahead and take first tracks, I’m just gonna rest here for awhile”

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    Break some trail for them and they will start to love the “highway” you are breaking. Then practice the transition, don’t screw around and then wait while they have to chip the ice out of their Dynafits. When you then float down slope in waist deep pow it will be to the sound of “Ohhhhh Ahhhhh” and even the most hardcore AT’ers will be green with envy. The trick is to be quick on transition.

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    Thanks everybody for you replies …. good stuff!… Now time to shop around I guess :)) ….season is coming fast !

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