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    Kyle Miller
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    As of right now Im considering trying to put together a Intro to splitboarding class at my local ski resort throught the ski school and I am wondering if this is something people in genral would be interested in.

    What are your thoughts and what would make a great class.

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    Just for the hell of it i’ll come out if only just to meet people. Seeing as I’m in Summerland I would have no excuse. So I guess you can put me down.

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    I think this would be a great thing to do! Are you currently an instructor at Crystal?

    I’ve been a level 1 instructor at Alpental for the last five years and they would never, ever let any classes outside of the ropes…..ever! Now that the two areas are managed by the same people I don’t see that changing. It wouldn’t be such a bad thing to teach inbounds, though. You wouldn’t have to worry about avy danger.

    Kyle Miller
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    suprisingly I have been a instructor at Crystal for 8 years
    I know who would have thought

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    Just curious, what would be your purpose, if its not to educate about the potential dangers in the bc or guide what would you be teaching, how to split a board and put skins on? seems simple enough. Splitboarding doesn’t take place in a resort, so it’s seems like avalanche awareness and a “splitboarding class” should go hand in hand. It could be argued it’s irresponsible not to. It seems like bc travel gets over simplified. It’s hard not to judge people when you read a tr about getting a splitboard and then the next tr is about riding a commiting line in questionable conditions. I always wonder what goes into that decision making, ignorance, ambition, peer pressure, acknowledgement or did they truly pull from all of their experience and education and nail the perfect line. Who knows? when I bought my first splitty about 8 seasons ago I didn’t have access to a computer or have any one to teach me, I learned my way up to bigger lines I was hesitant and it was a few seasons before I started feeling confident. I would question in todays world what people would do with these skills. Would they then go blindly into the bc. It happens all the time kids see guys hiking off the lift and follow their boot pack unknowing of the dangers. They see a line or read about others taking a line on the computer and base their decisions on that. I was guilty of that back in my teens, I didn’t even know what an avalanche was. I’ve kind of been bugged lately by my riding buddies who go in the bc maybe 5 times a season and only when I motivate them then they talk like they know it all. I’m not saying I am perfect, I am humbled by the mountains and have a lot to learn. Anyways not trying to sound like a self righteous dick, more I can’t sleep so I am ranting away.

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    I think there would be more interest in a demo day/swap,sale

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    At Big Mtn in Whitefish, MT they do touring in resort on snowshoes & have guided snowshoe hikes – so why not splitboard? I’d say if the employer likes the idea & it generates additional business for them it’ll go but who knows until you try. Makes more sense than the snowshoe deal since there’s a fun way to get to the bottom.

    I’d think you’d definitely want to incorporate some genuine fear in the clients for avy danger in the bc. Maybe not a full-on avy class but make sure they get that there’s a whole diff. set of principles in-bounds & out. Never underestimate the stupidity of other humans.

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    @lewmt wrote:

    Never underestimate the stupidity of other humans.

    Classic! 😆

    El Topo
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    I’d sign up for this class as I’ve never been on 2 planks. Would like to see how to skin, traverse, bail (haha).
    Would also love to hear whatever info you could provide on bc, avy, etc. The more info the better.
    Go for it!

    (Wish I was closer, I’d be all over it.)

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    I would be interested – I’ve been snowboarding for a long time (19 years), but I’m only starting to splitboard now. Also, Crystal’s my home mountain.

    Kyle Miller
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    Thank you for all your feedback this is something I am trying to work on (sorry about the delayed response I have been insanely busy). If it all works out I would like to do a quick brush up on avalanche saftey and all the gear I bring on single day and multiday trips while giving peeps information on products and info that are vital for BC traveling (links to weather forecasts and how to read avalanche forecasts). Back in the day I never really had anyone show me how to properly skin and I feel it held me back for quite awhile and I want to give peeps a environment were they can learn from my experience/mistakes.

    I think there would be more interest in a demo day

    and hopefully incorperate this as well.

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