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    It is amazing that Chris Klug completed the Power of Four Race on a splitboard!

    Best Ski Mountaineering Race in North America? Power of Four, it Happened

    Lou Dawson at “Race up and over four ski mountains near here in Colorado. Vertical 12,000+ (3,650+ meters) and 26+ miles (42+ kilometers). Actual backcountry skiing as well as plenty of in-resort action for spectators (thanks to Aspen Skiing Company) “see for more details about the race.

    Yesterday I competed in the Power of Four Aspen/Snomwass COSMIC SkiMo Race with my buddy Jon Gibans. It was hardcore. We started yesterday morning at Snowmass Base Village at 7:15 am and finished nine hours and forty-nine minutes later coming down a mogul field on Slalom Hill. We climbed all four resort mountains, over eleven thousand vertical feet and twenty-two miles, finishing back in Aspen at the bottom of 1A just before dark. My goal was to make the cut-off at Highlands at the entrance to the Congo Trail before 2:00 pm and arrive at the finish line. We did it! My race partner Jon Gibans and I got to the top of the Grand Reverse at Highlands where the Congo Trail begins at 1:50 pm, ten minutes before it closed. It was a long day; I was spent at the finish. It was such a cool race though. I loved it. I did it on my split-board and was the only split-boarder to complete the race. My transitions were slower, but I definitely didn’t lose any time on the downhill and the Congo was awesome on a board. I used the new Burton Freebird split-board with Voile slider plates and Scarpa F1′s. My new Scarpa F1′s ruled. They’re the best climbing and split-board boots. Missy joked when she dropped us off at start yesterday morning that the sport didn’t quite have the outfits down yet. We were a funny looking bunch with bicycle and climbing helmets and tights. …

    see for the rest of Chris Klug’s account of the race!

    Who’s up the “Power of 4” sufferfest (spiltfest) race next year (without the Lycra-suit of course)? Way to go Chris!

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