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    I’m having an impossible time finding someone to rent me a splitboard in the seattle-bellingham area this weekend, any ideas?

    I have tried:

    Cascade Crags
    Alpine Hut
    Second Ascent
    Pro Ski
    Glacier Ski Shop

    I’m looking into doing some business with Bentley in the near future with an NS split.

    However, I plan on climbing baker this weekend and really don’t want to hike back down (and don’t really feel like being a mule the entire time either)!!

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    how about Marmot mountain works in bellevue?
    827 Bellevue way NE

    Hope you find what you are looking for. Good luck. I did the mule thing on Baker a few years back. Fun climb, but it would have been much better riding down than walking. Be safe.

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    Yeah, tried them as well as Snowboard Connection and several Play it Again Sports stores. A guy at Proski told me to talk to the owner of Black Diamond ski but I cannot find a contact for them.

    Even looked at overnighting a Prior from bomber but DAMN, 300 bones is a little steep to pay for usually free shipping.

    Tough decision now, do I pack my damn board the 6500 ft. mulestyle or just climb it?

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    Call John or Drew at the Mt. Baker Ski shop in Glacier, They are Voile’ dealers and may have a board to rent.

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    Tried them earlier, they have a recording that says their closed for the ski season….called again though and left a msg. hoping they might want to do a guy a huge favor, will see.

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    Why do you need a splitboard this time of year? Just take a regular board – I doubt you’ll need the flotation for uphill – might be nice, but probalby not necessary.

    Jon Dahl
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    I agree with philfort, this time of the year it’s melted out down low, so the reason for a split is just not there, especially if you are on the Easton glacier side. Pack a lite-weight board combo and ride down. Every time I’ve been up this time of year it would be split for a bit then pack it, I just give up on split mode till I’m way up, and it’s then I wished for a lite solid board. (edit, my bad, meant Easton!)

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    Actually was looking at doing the easton glacier, trip reports say snow all the way to the trailhead. (remember this was no ordinary snowpack year for us in Wa) Was really looking for it for the approach to camp, i flipping hate falling through tree wells, etc.

    Weather looks shotty though, going for Mt. Stuart instead. Anyone out there have any experience with this monster?

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    just bringin this back up cause i’m trying to locate a place that does rentals to give splitting a go this season.. :rock:

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    Go to REI.

    Buy the splitboard.

    Return it if you don’t like it.

    I predict you’ll never return it. :doobie:

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    You can rent a splitboard at Second Ascent in Ballard. Last time I rented there (’06) it was around $30/day and they will even mount your bindings for you. They are super cool and really helpful too! Last year they were selling a few Venture boards, if you can rent one that would be sweet!
    Good Luck!

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    As of today, Second Ascent does NOT have splitboards for rent 🙁

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    @pwdrwh0re wrote:

    As of today, Second Ascent does NOT have splitboards for rent 🙁

    Just a heads up that Snowboard Connection (Seattle) rents Ventures with Sparks and Backdrop Sports in Everett rents Voiles. Glacier Ski shop rents splits too not sure what brand though.

    2017 Baker Splitfest, March 17th to 19th!

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    Cool, I called Backdrop sports in Everett, they told me it would be $45 for a full setup with skins, poles, etc…

    Snowboard Connection said they were planning on having some after Thanksgiving and she was guessing they would be between $65-$80, but wasn’t sure yet.


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    All about bike and board in Seattle. Talk to Rob. He has a couple Poachers you can rent.

    Archie McPhee
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    You might try REI.

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    Hey everyone in the Seattle – Vancouver BC area! I work at The American Alpine Institute Equipment Shop in Bellingham and we just got a fleet of 10/11 Voile Mojo RX splits for rent! We have 154, 161 and 171 available. We will be getting some Lightrails to put on them as soon as Voile is shipping them (mid Nov to early Dec), as well as some Mountain Plate bindings for those of you who favor AT Ski boots (like myself). You can check out our rental rates at If anyone has questions or wants more details give us a call 360-671-1570

    We are offering a 10% discount on rentals to all high school and college students with current valid student ID, and 15% off if you are a current course client with AAI!


    American Alpine Institute Equipment Shop
    1513 12th Street
    Bellingham Wa, 98225

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    If you’re headed to Baker without a split the Glacier Ski Shop rents Voiles (including at least one V-tail) with Spark bindings no idea on rental prices though. After talking to the guys there if you want to dial in your stance bring your own alignment tool.

    Next time I’m up there I want to rent the V-tail

    2017 Baker Splitfest, March 17th to 19th!

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    The V-tail that Glacier Ski shop has is a 178 or a 181 to my knowledge.

    AAI will setup your stance for you BTW…

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