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    I am going through my sled training for patrol volunteer and a couple of patrol guys told me I should only use a solid board if I’m running the toboggan because of the torque, etc. One said that the board is going to separate because it’s only held by buckles and clips. I explained that the bindings are actually what holds it and not sure they quite understood exactly. Anyway, I am curious if there is a potential problem so wanted to ask here.

    I have chosen to do the training on a Furberg 1st gen with Phantoms 2nd gen because of the specific board shape (shallow sidecut / nice edge hold etc.) but also have a Never summer with Sparks. My only solid board is a Smokin Superpark and I like it but I think it’ll bend and with the deep sidecut the edge will give out on steep ice under all the weight.

    Does anyone else run sleds and stuff on a split? Any issues?

    Would also take recommendations on a solid board for patrol work similar to my Furberg – rocker or flat between bindings, shallow sidecut, reverse nose / tail, etc. – I haven’t kept with developments for a few years…

    Thank you!

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    I would think you would be fine. I operate a pulk on a regular basis with more weight than a body, generally firewood. My split & sparks have held up. My advice is to learn how to ski the split.

    Safe Travels,


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    This doesn’t really have to do with the Phantom system, more the dynafit toe piece, or whatever toe piece you are using.

    I do not know for sure, but I would expect locked down toe that you are fine. With the voile strap to hold down the foot from the heel riser, you run a larger risk of potentially pulling the screws out from the riser, but I would probably reach out to Phantom to see. I have not heard of any issues with this, and I would expect the voile strap to break first.

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    Thank you for the responses!

    I do ski so I may try to get dual certified for patrol on both skis and snowboard at some point. For now, I am a stronger snowboarder so that’s why I’m going snowboard first. Was curious if others here do this.


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    My Smokin solid did not work well on icy steeps, as expected: side slipping with the sled (which is what we are asked to do) ended up in either wash out or too much speed, even when I sharpened my edges.

    I finished my training and passed the exam on my Never Summer SL / Heritage split with Spark bindings. Our congratulatory email said this is “arguably one of the most difficult sled training courses in the nation” – may be an exaggeration but it was pretty tough. At one point my ski partner in the back lost a ski and I had to manage the sled by myself. The irony was that my “patient” in the toboggan was one of the instructors, who told me the split is going to fall apart! The examiners were shouting for him to bail but I was able to stop the sled before he did. Bit of redemption for the flack I got – first for being a snowboarder and second for using a split 🙂


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    Congrats! It’s always good to have a snowboarder on patrol. Will you still be required to ski?

    Matt Wood
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    They won’t let you clinic on a snowboard anymore in Flatboat. Company response when questioned “We have too much avalanche terrain and bindings are not releasable.” Like 2 of 3000 acres;) Sure did piss off some old telewackers who had switch to releasable tele bindings. Snowboarders have a place on all patrols. Everyone should be represented.

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    Thanks permnation! No, in fact I think they’ll have a serious freak out if I show up in ski mode with the dynafit low tech race toes and voile straps haha.

    Hey Matt – in our group we did have a tele lady who was patrol on the East coast for years – she was trying to certify for our hill here in the PNW but unfortunately tore her ACL last week on one of the practice runs down a black diamond when she was in the front handles 🙁 I agree we should be represented! There’s a place and time for snowboarders, seems in heavy deep powder we do earn our keep, especially in the front handles. But there are some cases when it’s definitely harder on a snowboard…


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