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    Hi Kyle,

    Definitely before Nov 15th but hopefully closer to the first week of Nov.

    Here’s a repost from page three on some questions I had.


    For long sleeves

    In terms of the long sleeve cuff, would you rather have a full on cuff like this?

    Or a subtle cuff like this?

    Is 4.3 oz thickness ok or do you wan the thickest cotton possible?
    Do you want a 60/40 cotton/poly blend?

    For hoodies

    Do you want super heavyweight 100% cotton?
    Lighter-weight 100% cotton?
    60/40 blend?

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    I like the subtle cuff. I would like 100% cotton, thickness like the previous run of shirts would be great.

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    @jcocci wrote:

    I like the subtle cuff. I would like 100% cotton, thickness like the previous run of shirts would be great.


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    super heavy weight for the hoodie sounds good

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    Was there ever a word decals?

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    You know stickers? What about getting some stickers made?

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    I also like the subtle cuff. 100% cotton works for me.

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    Here’s the non-text mountain logo. I was kinda hoping it would have more of a gradient fill like the one on the site’s header.

    As it stands now it would be a three color print. What are your thoughts on the colors and or making it two color with the snowcap just being clear and the same color as the shirt? Sorry I’m not better at this stuff on my own but if you guys are buying the shirts I want you to be happy!

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    What’s the cost difference to have a 3 color print versus the 2 color? I like the white snowcap. I think I like it with the text too. Is the text not going to be there for the shirts?

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    I can’t remember the cost for three color and set up fee but it’s probably not too bad. I think it will look best as a three color but a nice two or even one color print would be good to have for swag shirts and maybe stickers.

    I will be printing some “web logo” shirts as well that have the text. I was just thinking the non text version was kinda cool and incognito. Hoping to place an order by next week. Shirts will be ready two weeks after.

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    I likey no text.

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    How big/small on the shirts should it be? Placement, center front…upper center back with plain front?

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    @Drat wrote:

    I’m down for one LS and one short sleeve. Prefer one light color and the other dark. Also would like some stickers.

    What logo drat???

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    @D-GREEN wrote:

    I’d go for a long sleeve Ellis design in a dark color, and a splitguy short sleeve in another color myself.

    What sizes???

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    @Killclimbz wrote:

    I would be down for a long sleeve XL shirt. I’ve got too many hoodies right now. Definitely time to upgrade my T.

    What logo???

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    @SanFrantastico wrote:

    Ooops – I finally noticed this thread. I’ll take a large hoodie with the melmo mountain/skintrack logo if possible. Thanks!


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    I like no text, center front positioning.

    Thanks for taking the time to check with us regarding what we like, it would be easy to just order a bunch and call it done, but you didn’t. :rock: :headbang:

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    ooooo…can we still preorder? can i preorder a women’s hoody? i like the logo without the text…

    hoody would need to be a small if a women’s hoody…

    XS if a men’s hoody. is that possible? don’t really care what color it is. the more fun the color the better.

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    @bcrider wrote:


    I’m not sure what the options are, but I’m pretty easy to pleasy. Maybe beige or something light colored. Choose what you think looks best!

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