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    Extended? I just saw this so I’m not sure if I made it in time. Guess I need to come to this forum more often 😉


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    @BGnight wrote:

    How does the voting work? Do only people that submitted vote? And wouldn’t everyone just vote for themselves? 😀

    The thought was that anyone could vote, not just folks that submitted a pic. Voting for yourself doesn’t seem like it would be very effective.

    We could also scrap the voting portion and just do two random winners with the number generator. Group thoughts?

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    Scrap the voting makes sense. Doesn’t seem like too many folks are paying attention. Has to be a time limit on this thing.

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    Yeah, I agree as well. Sounded like a good idea at first. Just do both of them randomly. Thanks for setting this up though.

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    How come I didn’t get a number?

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    I think BCrider and 2 peeps at G3 should pick a winner. voting will get silly IMO.

    and great photos in here – we got some photog talent. :drool:

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    @AKPow wrote:

    How come I didn’t get a number?

    oops, sorry I missed you!

    1. powslash
    2. Dave420
    3. UTAH
    4. RossM
    5. HikeforTurns
    6. uriedog
    7. ale capone
    8. wasatch surf
    9. shoestring
    10. firstlight

    11. digerati
    12. huck Pitueee
    13. jerrett
    14. hyzerbomber
    15. speedy maniac
    16. meru44
    17. mountain dog
    18. ecobrad
    19. powderjunkie
    20. jcocci

    21. tophervw
    22. jackhennigan (linked pic?)
    23. swanny
    24. dln
    25. twostowe
    26. forrestgladding
    27. strain
    28. mangymoose
    29. chef ben
    30. hannah

    31. dastarddownhill
    32. stoudema
    33. mar123
    34. grahamkraft
    35. treetop
    36. d-green
    37. snowvols
    38. levon
    39. bs.
    40. moskitov ???

    41. bgnight
    42. norriegga ???
    43. pedro delfuego
    44. deeplikepow
    45. silver
    46. tbill
    47. jeri534
    48. summersgone
    49. tap
    50. akpow

    51. nedrapier
    52. scoho
    53. bobbingshoe
    54. grahambrew ???
    55. jive stick

    G3 will be using the number generator shortly!

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    I think the random number option is what got the participation. we can still vote for the fun of it?

    I vote for the guys at scrubfest . cool steep skin track, lighting, and a grand view behind.

    So many good ones though. even the ones showing the pain of no snow and good artistry.

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    Random. U da man.

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    And we have two winners!

    G3 used the random number generator for us and numbers 37 and 4 were chosen.

    So Snowvols (37) and RossM (4) you two are the proud new owners of the G3 Alpinist Splitboard skins! :thatrocks:

    Please send me a PM with your shipping instructions.

    Thanks for playing everyone! And thanks to G3 for sponsoring the contest! :thumbsup:

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    Congrats folks, and thanks G3.

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    @bcrider wrote:

    oops, sorry I missed you!

    Looks like I got dropped from the updated list 😥 No worries, cool contest and congrats to winners :thumpsup:

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    @jdoneill wrote:

    @bcrider wrote:

    oops, sorry I missed you!

    Looks like I got dropped from the updated list 😥 No worries, cool contest and congrats to winners :thumpsup:

    Shit I’m sorry jdoneill!!!

    Rico in AZ
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    Thanks everybody for posting some really beautiful photos. Has me really missing the skin track right now.

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    G3 :disco: :rock:

    Cool contest and congrats to the winners!!

    (( Donek Hazelwood ))
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    (( Donek Hazelwood ))
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    great photos and great contest.

    big thanks to G3!! Congrats to the winners :thumpsup:

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