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    Our friends at G3 have donated two sets of their new Alpinist Splitboard Skins to promote their product and help us offer our first ever reader contest! :thumbsup:

    I’m stoked to be working with G3 on this, reminded daily how awesome our splitboard community has become, and excited to give something back. Splitters Unite!

    Hit the link below for rules. (date has been extended a week)


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    I’ll go first. This pic is from a solo trip out to Barometer Mt. Really good traveling along the ridge. Nice contest, thanks for putting it on.

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    Cool Contest. This is a pic from a night ride on Mt. Kirkup. The splitter is the streak of light and the skin track is lit up below.

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    That’s an amazing photo!

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    Skinning truly is an art in itself, I enjoy the up to get my thoughts together and work things out. Thanks to Unruly Baker who happen to be on the adjacent ridgeline to shoot this pic of my track up and down the Hypo. ^^^Great shots.

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    View of our tracks in to camp at first light the next day, Yosemite NP. Not as beautiful as they could have been given half our party were on snowshoes…

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    Sick shot Dave!

    Here is Splitrippin in the Selkirks.

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    McPherson Fingers, Revelstoke BC

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    Forrest aka Hikeforturns skinning the White Salmon Glacier, Mt Shuksan, Washington.

    I am not entering it, but Jason Hummel took a skinning photo of Adam Roberts and I a few weeks ago. just posting the link because it’s probably my favoritist skinning shot ever!

    Jason retains all rights, and it’s his work of art. No reposting, copying, printing, reprinting, or even taking a picture of the picture.. any shady bussiness gets a slapshot to the balls with a shaterred carbon fiber stick and a nail imbedded hockey puck..

    if you want it, buy it!!

    wasatch surf
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    Great pics so far. cool contest as well!
    Here is my contribution.

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    Not as inspiring as some of the great photos posted already, but it was a great way to start my day today, especially given the dearth of snow this season in Tahoe…

    Skinning out from Incline Peak and preparing to pull a superman-style change of clothes on the Mt. Rose Highway

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    Don’t take many skinning photos.
    This one has a bit of everything.

    NSW Main Range


    I guess this rules me out 😥

    Adam West

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    I am nothing more than a single narrow gasping lung, floating over the mists and summits.”

    -Reinhold Messner

    Huck Pitueee
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    A dog, a rider, and a skin track near Donner summit Ca. Cmon random number generator.

    cisconorth005 by Huck Pitueee, on Flickr

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    There is a skin track in there somewhere, I promise.. at least you can see most of the splitboarders

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    Cool contest! :thumpsup: :thumpsup:

    Hellroaring Drainage of the Centennials

    (( Donek Hazelwood ))
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    (( Donek Hazelwood ))
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    My contribution:

    Hiking up the Triangle Morraine (Asulkan Valley, Rogers Pass).

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    Early season Cardiff Fork – UT has had a tough winter thus far…


    Windy day with Pettingell in the background.


    SpeedyManaic has my vote!!!! sick work steve!!! looooks soooo goood

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