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    karma surf
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    I thought I’d revive this thread since there’s so many new members, and seeing a face behind the screen name always brings things to life a bit more. So post away people!

    Here I am chillin’ at a 10,000 ft basecamp in the Tushar range:

    Here’s one Jivestick snapped of me in Maybird in LCC:


    BCR took this last year, this is on the N Face of Superior:

    And finally, another shot BCR got from last year’s splitfest:

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    Good idea karma!

    The alignment in that old thread was jacked up though so I “split” the thread into a new one. 🙂

    Here is the old one.

    Splitters, feel free to post in this new one. Let’s see your mugs! 8)

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    Taken during a spring trip to Independence Pass last season. I’m the short one in the middle. Those at Splitfest last year may recognize Ryan on the right. Usually no photos of me riding cause I’m the one with the camera!

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    here’s a few of us in the crazies: L to R Whit(with trekker and ghost), Bridgerhippy, and me. on a side note we just did a 3 day trip across the crazies in this same area and there is soooo much terrain back there.

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    This is weird – I’ve had two people tell me this week I look like Dan Marino. 🙄 Several others have agreed. You be the judge…

    This is more like what you’d see anyway…

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    No way, man. Dan Marino looks like you.

    This is me on Tallac, overlooking beautiful Lake Tahoe.

    Putting the poo in swimming pool since 1968.

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    Classic poster KS….I mean Marino! 😆

    I’m voting you our resident comedian. :thatrocks:

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    hi to all my homies

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    Wow! That looks dreamy gregm! 8)

    karma surf
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    Here’s a photo of multi-glisse Jivestick preparing to drop into W Monitor Bowl (Wasatch):

    Jivestick is also known as Wow on some other site. Here he is in Coalpit #4 on skis: (notice LCC Hwy far below)

    I consider myself lucky to have spent time riding with Jive. He’s a fulltime avy pro, and has spent over 150+ days each season since the mid seventies skinning/hiking for turns. He is the Zen Master Guru of bc skiing in the Wasatch! 8)

    Here he is with a few others at last year’s Splitfest:(Jivestick is in the center)

    And finally, another skiing photo of Jive in another cool chute:

    Jivester- Thanks for all the great lines and “Safety Meetings”! 8)

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    Wrangell St Elias NP Jrock and ride fire

    jive stick
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    Dammit karma… fair is fair.
    Karma Surf at the top of Reynolds with a…

    what the hell is that a mojo, karma?

    Anna action shot of myself courtesy of funseeker,

    who should be headed this way shortly.

    karma surf
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    Hey Ridefire, I remember the same summit with you- we lapped it 2X’s! Remember? 😀

    Nice pic!

    Let’s do more riding this year! 8)

    You’ve got some fast reflexes on that keyboard Jive!

    That is not the mojo though bro!

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    of course it nice you took it, can’t quite figure out the posting but I’ll get er

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    Nice additions from the UT contingent. 8)

    The one funseeker took of the wizard is sweet! :mrgreen:


    expand your image pic, right click on the image, select properties, and copy the url. Then past it into your message, highlight it, and hit the Img button.


    karma surf
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    Speaking of Funseeker, E-Man, Eric, here he is in two of my all time favorite photos:

    The top pic is E-man walking point. There was some avy risk, so we were keeping a decent space between us. The next photo was shot on the same day, just Eric catching a wave! 8)

    Lets see more people adding! 😀

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    uupss… I don’t have a pic on my splitboard! 😯 maybe I am to often behind the camera … has to be changed next season …

    ahhh … found one in the nirvana of my harddisk … it’s from 2004

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    Here I am, skinning up to Cima Roma – Dolomites

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    Sweet looking mtns bruno!

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    Dolomites, Bcr, not big mountains but so beautiful …

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